Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am So Grateful!

I am so grateful for my life
For a meaningful marriage
For a beloved husband
For my beautiful children
For a cheerful home
For the great friends that I have
For a happy life

Avoid Negatives...

Over the years, I have learned that certain things should be left untouched...

Especially anything that might have a potentially negative impact. Whether it will happen or not is another story.

That's why I had to hurt an old friend who has a history of crushes on me since teenage years by refusing to meet up over coffee. As much as I think it could be harmless, I also do not want to risk hurting anybody else in my life now that could be hurt by this innocent meeting.

But you know what,.. it hurts me more to have to do it, but my family is of utmost importance and I will protect that the best that I can.

So...avoid negatives...