Friday, January 9, 2015

Am I Talking Alone?

Well…its been a while since my last posting! Easily 4-5 years? But who's counting? Lol…bad joke!

Suddenly I feel this urge to write again. What's its gonna be this time? I don't even have a topic yet. There's so many things happening the last few years. But today I'm just feeling a bit….urghhh…just lost a whole iPhoto file in my Mac just because I was irritated by some file arrangements that doesn't look right and trying to fix it!

Its been a while since I last use my lappy…and suddenly I remembered those days when I don't have a smart phone and an iPad. Those years when we don't have facebooks and Whatssap. Haha…! We either communicate by email or sms. We still do…but the email now is for spams and marketing and official communications. SMS…for those who don't have whatssap! Hihi

Aiiihhh…out of topic again! Back to lappy! Only use it once in a while but I still insist on keeping it even though my phone and iPad can access me online anytime! So today…when I got frustrated over the loss folder…I started browsing and then wondering what happened to my blog! So here I am.

Looking at the dashboard, I realized I had easily 8-10 unpublished posts. But they're all so outdated news. I may rewrite to update the current news or just forget about it. And I wonder if this one will get posted at all…

You know, after all these face booking and whatssaping….blogging sounds like Im talking alone! Hehe… Yup…thats it! Thats my topic for today. Something has to start somewhere…so here my first post after sooo long! Sorry it doesn't have any substance…but my goal today is to post something…for a start! Later…mates! (Wonder if my blogger friends still around?)