Friday, May 23, 2008

How I got Candy and Oreo.

After losing a few cats, initially I decided not to to have anymore pets. But a cat lover is always a cat lover. I'm sure all cat lovers out there agrees. Cats are such unique and wonderful creature, mysterious in many ways. So, the minute I discovered that a friend has a few cats, I asked him to donate one to me.

So he gave me a male black persian, 'Kimba'. Kimba was a bit scared and hostile when we got him, but quickly adepts to his new home. To our delight, he became a very playful and loving pet. A few days after we got him, he started to act strangely. He was lying flat on his stomach, front legs on the floor but the hind legs was pedalling. We never see a cat acted strange like this before, so I looked up the cat book. It looks like a female cat on heat! But Kimba is a male cat...

And what do you know? When we actually inspected him, Kimba is a girl..! Even the previous owner didn't know. So Kimba became 'Candy', our dearly beloved cat. Because she was on heat, I contacted a breeder about a stud. She offered me 'Oreo'. That's how we got Oreo.

Oreo has never left the cage, according to the breeder. Apparently he is a very loving cat, loved to be pat and 'massaged'. But never try to carry him, he'll get scared of heights and get violent. That past history I'll never know, maybe he's been thrown before, God knows.

Not long after, Candy got pregnant. We were so estatic. Can't wait to have kittens in the house...!


Its so difficult to get a decent pose of Minty. So I should treasure this.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why My Cats Fights?

I love them both, Oreo and Minty. Oreo is the father and Minty is the first son. The mother, Candy died a few months ago of skin diesease, and so did Muffin, a few months earlier. Toffee, Muffin's twin, ran away when we moved to our new house last month because he's still not familiar with the surronding and we made a mistake of letting him out of the cage on the 2nd day we got them here. That's a whole lot of different story which I'll come to later.
(The picture shows Oreo and Candy at my old house with no backyard)

So, there's only 2 of them left, Oreo and Minty. 2 handsome male cats. Oreo is a Cameo while Minty is a Blue persian. While familiarising with the new house, and still some left over renovation job going around, they stay in their cage. Once in a while, they fight, but we always managed to stop them and its not too bad.

So yesterday, my garden was ready with the new set of Filipina grass. And the long awaited time has arrived for me to set the two cats out to live outside the cage. At first everything went smoothly. While fearing that they might go outside our compound, we keep a close eye on the two while combing their hair at the same time they 'smell' around the house. When things get on smoothly, I left them both to start on my 'herbal garden'.

Suddenly they were out of my sight and I went to look for the at the other side of the house. To my horror, they were ready to fight! I tried to cool them both and they seemed okay. But while looking for my garden tools, I heard them fighting! It was horrible. Oreo's hair was flown all over and they're really at each other claws and bitting. I screamed at them both but they won't stop until we sprinkle the water over them. Oreo was bleeding on the nose but wouldn't let me wipe it. Now he got a small scar on his face. Minty being a darker coloured cat, seemed okay.

I just don't know why they must fight. They've been living togther for more than 3 years now. ..
(I don't have an updated pics of Minty coz I lost it all when my PDA broke down, but you can view a cute video of Minty here when he was a kitten learning how to crawl. )

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Want this CAT!!!

Real life Garfield

A two-and-a-half stone cat has been hailed a real life Garfield in Italy.

Orazio looks like not only the cat that got the cream but who ate the whole cow too.
Just like lasagne loving Garfield, this fat cat grew to such a gargantuan size by guzzling all the food treats that his native Italy can provide.
The three-year-old tabby is such a food fanatic that owner Laura Santarelli finds it impossible to get him to slim down.

The flabby feline is now so large that it's a struggle for Laura just to pick him up.
And, should any of Laura's other five cats get in his way at dinner time at his home in Eupilio, the results can be catastrophic...