Friday, May 23, 2008

How I got Candy and Oreo.

After losing a few cats, initially I decided not to to have anymore pets. But a cat lover is always a cat lover. I'm sure all cat lovers out there agrees. Cats are such unique and wonderful creature, mysterious in many ways. So, the minute I discovered that a friend has a few cats, I asked him to donate one to me.

So he gave me a male black persian, 'Kimba'. Kimba was a bit scared and hostile when we got him, but quickly adepts to his new home. To our delight, he became a very playful and loving pet. A few days after we got him, he started to act strangely. He was lying flat on his stomach, front legs on the floor but the hind legs was pedalling. We never see a cat acted strange like this before, so I looked up the cat book. It looks like a female cat on heat! But Kimba is a male cat...

And what do you know? When we actually inspected him, Kimba is a girl..! Even the previous owner didn't know. So Kimba became 'Candy', our dearly beloved cat. Because she was on heat, I contacted a breeder about a stud. She offered me 'Oreo'. That's how we got Oreo.

Oreo has never left the cage, according to the breeder. Apparently he is a very loving cat, loved to be pat and 'massaged'. But never try to carry him, he'll get scared of heights and get violent. That past history I'll never know, maybe he's been thrown before, God knows.

Not long after, Candy got pregnant. We were so estatic. Can't wait to have kittens in the house...!

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