Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Love You Oreo!

How do I break this piece of news? Oreo is one of the longest cats that have been with me, gracing my days with his sweet meows...

At about 10 years old now, he had been in my care for almost 8 years. I adopted him when my single cat, Candy was on heat. So a breeder, now a friend of mine, suggested that I take Oreo for Candy. Oreo has fathered a few beautiful cats in my household including Minty. And his grandchildren, Sugar and Munchkin. I will definitely miss him dearly.

We noticed that he'd been having difficulty going to the toilet the last couple of days. Upon close monitoring I decided to take him to the vet this morning, after confirming that he will not be surgically treated based upon the symptoms that I described over the phone. I was about to place the carrier in the car, and greeted him, but no answer. Not even a faint weak sound heard. The minute I took a look at him, I knew he's no longer around....

Words cannot describe how I feel right now. My only consolation is that he did not suffer for long, or go through any harsh treatments, as I've seen happened to my friend's cat who had the same disease. Its a normal old cats disease called PKD or renal failure.

Farewell Oreo..... We love you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Idealess Cooking

During one of those days, when you just don't know what to put on the dinner table, you don't feel like eating out, the thought of delivery orders doesn't appeal to you, and your guilt of allowing the kids to enjoy the instant noodles is too much.... How about this?

Grilled Chicken and Prawns

Nasi Lemak, Sambal Tumis Udang plus fried anchovies and Cucumber.

For this meal, you just need to marinate the chicken in barbeque sauce (instant) and the prawns in butter, pepper and salt.
The rice, cooked incocunut milk, add some shallots, garlic and ginger plus 1-2 pandan leaves. Salt to taste. Anchovies, fried and cucumber sliced. Simple prawn in sambal. That's it!
Recipes available upon request....moi too lazy to type, as lazy as the cooking...hahaha!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun Flipper!

Munchkin playing with a cut branch in our backyard garden. What's hillarious is how she fell after the last flip. The sound of her drop may not be captured in this clip, but that's what makes the camera lady laugh her head off and fell to the ground...lol!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Indoor Cat

Is that worm is see squirming in the grass....eeewww!

I don't know why Mummy put me here.....just to have that square thing clicking in my face.

Hey, Munchkin, wait for me!! I can't move, or the worm might get me!

Thank goodness, but are we done yet? Time to get inside? Is it? Is it?

Sugar is not used to outside world yet, as Mummy is too protective about letting her out on her own. While Munchkin is playing like her second home, running around chased by the girls! Can't get a good shot of her at all! Lol!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Impromptu Post

I am about to break a rule.

I've been surfing around and visiting blogs and I see many beautiful family photos and happy moments. Previously, the minute my other half knew I became a blogger, he made me promise not to reveal anything about our personal life and details. I just kept quiet, not saying yes nor no.

Today I am going to bend the rule a bit, maybe one time, this time. In fact, this post might be taken off anytime as I see necessary. So don't be surprised if its no longer here in future...lol!

So here, I am attaching my recent family photo, during the recent Raya hols.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before and Now!

I really cannot imagine how they grow so fast! Sugar and Munchkin. Their birth date was early June, and now is like they are already 4 months old! Its getting more and more difficult to get their pictures as they hardly sit still. Well, whatever I can get for now...

Sugar - 1 month

Sugar - Now

Munchkin - 1 month

Munchkin - Now
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(Sorry Gattina, my computer was under Virus attack last week and I lose all unsaved photos incl the COTs logo - will need to copy again later! lol)

Who Are You?

You look friendly enough to be a friend
Fun enough to bring some joy
But you are not what you seem you are

You make me laugh behind my tears
You had me cry behind my smile
Who are you?

You vent upon my cheers
You glee upon my mishaps
Why do you?

I know who you are!
Someone with a cold heart
And a cruel mind....

But I am basked in my blessings
And I thank Him all the time
And I don't care what you are!

And don't worry my dear reader friends
That someone is definitely Not You ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hee hee... I Made Vadai....

It is an Indian snack. I thought it was called magelek. It was an old time favourite and I haven't had it for years. I don't know where to get them nowadays. I searched for the recipe online, but in vain. Somehow, I found out by accident from the images, that it was also called vadai. My friend once told me that it is so simple to make this, so I gave it a try.

After all the kuih raya during the festive season, this is a refershingly different taste. Since all the kuih raya that I made finished by the 2nd and 3rd day of Raya, either I replenish them, or just buy a few more....haha! I think I will make some some more. But not just yet!

Somehow the thought of producing something spicy and savoury seems much more inviting as opposed to the creamy yummy taste of raya cookies. Later! lol


150gm dhal - soaked
100ml water
1 onion - diced
1 garlic - chopped
1 red chili - chopped
1/2 tbsp curry leaves - thinly sliced
1/2 tsp cumin
2 tbsp rice flour

Soak dhal for a few hours.
Blend with cumin coarsely.
Add all other ingredient.
Shape into paties and fry to golden brown.

Crispy on the outside, soft and yummy in the inside... Think about it!

Edited: 3rd Oct 2009

I just realised that dhal is not known at some parts of the world, esp America and Europe, so for the benefits of our friends, I am attaching here some info and nutritious value of dhal.

Source: Easybean.co.uk

Toor Dhal is in fact a pigeon pea and not a lentil as you might expect from its appearance. The dhal is prepared by milling dried pigeon peas to remove a thick coat and to split the seed. The origin of the plant is unclear, although they are now mainly grown in India. Young green pigeon peas are eaten in the Caribbean. Pigeon peas are noted for being highly nutritious, as well as for their delicate sweet flavour.

Typical nutritional values per 100g cooked pigeon pea dhal:
energy 496 kJ / 117 kcal
protein 8.8g
fat 0.5g
fibre 4.4g
sodium trace

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Curiosity Kills the Cat?

I think Not! Infact they're the cutest on earth when they are curious!

Here's Sugar trying to get the feel of the sofa. I always tell her not to climb up the sofa....its a forbidden territory. But did she listen? Lol!

Mommy: "Sugar, get down!"

Sugar: "Well, ok, ooookkk! It doesn't taste good anyway....! (The sofa after she licked it) I have other better things to do!"

Hey, that's an interesting looking box there. I wonder what is it?

I wonder what's in it? I just can't reach in!

Haaa..! I know this one! I can smell "Munchkin wuz here!" Hey, so were Mommy Honey and ....moi!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Conclusion Story of Kitten Tails

So, the little girl was actually yours truly. Until today I still remember that cute little kittens, I believe were persians because of the fluffy coat. Someone had left them there mysteriously because they were not there before, and there were no signs of any mother cat around. Or were there? I don't know.

How do they get fed? Being a 5 year old, it didn't occur to me that the kitties might need food...lol! I only wanted to play with them. Somebody, or the mother cat must have been feeding them, because they are a playful, active and healthy bunch.

Until today, I wonder where the kittens had gone to, because I don't find it reasonable that they left on their own. Someone must have taken them somewhere. Or was it actually a dream....? I don't think so.

Anyway, not until a few days ago, after I related the story, it struck me like a lightning bolt. The three little kittens that I missed so much is actually already here in my home! They're Oreo, the Cream Cameo, Minty, Blue-smoke, and Honeybun, the red and white bi-colour cats! Of course they are not the same kitten that I found, but somehow, here at this stage in my life, I have them all! All 3 of them!

And I believe this is partly, the power of dreams and visualization. How these furbabies entered my life can be read here. The rest is the law of attraction, and most importantly God's will.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitten Tails

"...it was a beautiful day. A five year old girl had a mission. She was really excited. The day before, she was playing in an empty house just vacated by her neighbour who just transfered to another district. It was a government teacher's quarters and the garage was unlocked.While playing hide and seek there, she saw three little kittens! It was the cutest cats she had ever seen! They were so fluffy and rounded she just had to hold them. She remembered vividly, that the colours were creamy white, grey and orange. But she also scared them away! They all hid in the drain under the drain cover. And the cover was really heavy. She waited for the kitten to come out, but, it just wouldn't. It was getting dark, and already time to get home. So she decided to come back the next day and play with the kitties.

Upon reaching the empty house, she quietly open the garage door, and the kitties were playing with each other. It was so fun watching them play, but as soon as they sensed her presence, the kitties hid under the drain again. The little girl only managed to see glimpses of the three kittens here and there when they sneaked out to check her whereabouts. She spent a few hours there before realising that she got tired and need to go home. But she was too happy indeed.

The next day she went to the empty house again hoping to play with the kitties. But they were no longer there! She looked everywhere, but there were no signs of their whereabout at all! The kittens dissapeared as mysteriously as it appeared. Heartbroken, the little girl went home. Everyday she will go to the empty house to check if the kitties had come back, but they never did!

So one day, after several hopeless visits, tearfully, the little girl vowed, "I'll find it someday...." And every now and then, the girl will remember the three little furballs which sometimes made her smile, and sometimes made her teary, thinking of that brief sweet encounter.

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Edited: The conclusion of this short story will be on next week's COT. Stay tuned! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Wedding

The 'Pelamin'
The red carpet to the 'pelamin', where the bride and bridegroom seated throughout the ceremony.
Live music, an entrancing traditional melody called 'Gamelan'.

Believe it or not, these are some of the flowers left after they dismantle the decor. I took it first, then informed my neighbour later...lol!

My sweet neighbour gave me this fruit basket and 2 'Bunga Telur' as a token of appreciation for being a 'cooperative' neighbour...awwwh!

On top of it all, the caterer sent us these dishes, nasi beriani, ayam tomato, dinding daging, dalca, acar buah and kueh puteri 2 sebilik just before the dinner setting. So sweet and thoughtful of them!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Caramels and Weddings

So, what's with the caramels and the weddings? They're both so sweet! And what is the connection, again? Simple! I love both! I love caramels to indulge in my not-that-many sweet tooth cravings, and I love weddings' food! Lol!

I was excited when my neighbour put up this gazebo lighting for her son's wedding tonight. It was beautiful! They had the lights on for testing last night. It was a garden wedding concept. Simply a fairytale sight!

The tents put up in front of my house and several other neighbours too. A total of 10 houses, maybe.

Ahah...! This morning view at 7.30 am. Simply refreshing. Its also starting to get busy with workers arriving and on with their duties. I know for sure, the electrician worked from last night until at least 5.45 am this morning, when my phone alarm rings.

Its going to be even more beautiful and extravagant tonight on the main event. If I can justify it enough, I will blog about it, or at least put up some pretty pictures here! :)

Ok, now, what's with the caramel? Actually, I just made the most splendid caramel myself yesterday! Haha! One that I actually enjoyed eating, that is!

And as usual, I can only manage to paste a blurred image of the pudding here. Actually its not meant to be sharp, so you don't have to drool over it...hahah!! (As if....)

Well, this happened 10 minutes after it gets out of the steamer. Still pipping hot! Now barely a quarter left in the refrigerator..! (I should get there fast, before it went completely missing..!! Lol!)

It was truly simple and easy and delicious recipe. You should try it!


Sugar - 6 tbsp
Milk - 1 glass
Vanilla essense-1/2 tsp
Sugar -2 tbsp
Make caramel out of 2 tbsp sugar. Dissolve the sugar in a pan until it turns brown, and pour directly into the bottom of the pudding dish. This has to be done quickly as the sugar turns hard very fast.

Caramel pudding:
Beat the egg, 6tbsp sugar and milk with a beater.
Add vanilla essence.
Pour the mixture on top of the caramel and steam for 20 minutes.
Let it cool, refrigerate and serve it cold.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mommy's Playtime!

She cannot decide! To be a nagging mommy, or a playful bunny! Lol!

At one moment she calls out after everyone, telling them to behave and stay at one place. Another time you'll find her chasing after each of them, and wrestling them! It was so funny!

Let's share some fun time here!

And another!

And oh!... There are times when you hear one of the kids meowing much too loud for your comfort, that you just have to check it out. So you can guess, who's the bully?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pampering Honey

Eversince the 3 new musketeers aka darlings arrive, most everything is centered around them. They're so cute and adorable! Everyone wants to play with them, hold them, baby-talk to them, so much so, that I personally feel that my others heros and heroin is feeling the beat.

That is why now I take extra effort to make the others still feel loved and cherished.

Last week, Oreo, (much to his disgust) gets a great hair cut! Lion cut. LOL!! Now we are anxiously waiting for his hair to grow back into its original majestic fluff and shine.

Minty gets extra playtime every now and then, because that's what he enjoys most.

Honey? The new Mommy! She is still the apple of my eye!

Hide n Seek!

Time-off from the little ones...!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lion King

Who's that white lion king?

Roaming about in seek of truth and justice.

Claiming a stake in this deserted herbal land.

Oh...its Oreo, just came back from the barberland.

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