Monday, July 14, 2008

Power of Visualisation - Cats Story Untold

One of the cutest creatures on earth, I feel, are cats. Then maybe bunnies, and little monkeys. I've had all these three as pets, but the cats being the easiest to care for, has been with me the longest. I've had strings of history of cat stories untold.

But at one point of my life, when I learn about the power of dreams and visualisation, I started collecting pictures of cats. I have always wanted to have that cute long-haired persian cats, especially the fiery red or orange coloured cats, so I copied from books, magazines and especially from the internet. Below are some of the pictures I have collected handy to post here.

Then one day I 'forced' a friend to donate me a Persian cat. The full story here and here. It grew from one cat to a family of six. Candy, Oreo, Minty, Pepsi, Muffin and Toffee. Over the period of 5 years, I am left with Oreo and Minty. Father and son. Still, there were no signs of Orange cats. Yet, I did not intend to add anymore cats just then. Minty is smokey grey and Oreo is cream cameo, and on top of that, both are male cats. I don't see a new orange offspring coming.
Then, an incident happened which twist the whole cat story around. The story here and here.
And here is my Orange cat, a dream achieved!! Honeybun!


U.Lee said...

Hi YDiana, I love cats, but unfortunately isteri saya allergic to cat's fur.
When I was younger had a beautiful Persian, a white one named 'Tootsie' was about 2 years old when one day I was away in Singapore my maid when after hanging the laundry forgot to bring her back inside the house...I was staying alone..and maid only works part time, returns next morning.

Tootsie must have gone exploring outside, someone then must have hijack tears came out when I lost her. She wakes me up every morning too.

Your cats are really know, I notice, Malay people love cats...all my Malay friends had cats.

Ydiana, terima kaseh seribu for your advice re my blog...saya suda potong as per your advice, to only 10 it should be faster, I guess.
Sorry, I did'nt know that problem. But glad you told me. Thanks, appreciate it.

Oh yes, now that I da reduced for faster loading, have you read my previous the Malay girls I dated? Ada senang take a peek.
1/ Among my many memories, d/d 12/20/07. (This my all time favorite memory)
2/ Dating an exotic Malay actress', d/d 1/1/08.
As well...'A Malay girl and her destiny', d/d 2/12/08. (She and hubby keep in touch with me fairly often)
You have a nice evening, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee

At one time I was forbidden to have cats. So what I did, everytime I pass a pet shop I will stop to take a peek at the kittens. Just to 'hilangkan rindu'..hahaha. And I can imagine losing your Tootsie. I've lost several cats by now, either it got hijacked or thru death. Everytime its so heartbreaking.

As for the advise, my pleasure. I enjoy reading your blog, so I must suggest so we all can read it faster... ;) Ok, I will check your entries soon! Have a great week ahead Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi YDiana, I found you...I found you, ha ha.
You were at my KL Lake Gardens churi ikan, ha ha.
Yes, that was one of my most unforgettable old, naughty young days...
Can you imagine, she and me covered with that muddy water, and the haruan making a mess out of our clothes...

I always smile when I think back of that moment I tarek the haruan, it flew into the car on her lap, ha ha...and those guys who came to investigate see two of us grappling in the car, me over her, ha ha...and the look on their faces when I told them "got fish in the car", ha ha.

Nasib baik her pakcik had a sense of humour and laughed, her mom too when seeing her and me covered in mud smelling of fish.
At least they know, ahemm, I was not fooling around with her daughter, *wink*. Ha ha. Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hello Lee found me ma? I may not have existed yet. Maybe ...what do you call it, the reverse of reincarnation? Carnation?? Hahaha..I must be very naughty then!

Yes you guys sure had fun. My most fun incident, driving a car the first time. My 'boyfriend wannabe' had to brake on the brake pedal using his hands coz I dont know where the brakes are! He's too panic he forgot to use the hand brake instead! Hehehehe..

Me... Only Better said... kids are CRAZY about cats..will show them your post..btw that poor lady, was an ex- bestfren of someone who kawin lari with her that punishable enough?

Ydiana said...

Oh dear... Really ah? How you know..? Google or call the number? Well, punishable enough or not, only God knows. Who are we to judge, ya?

Do you have cats at home? Pictures...plzzz...!