Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of Gardening and Exercise - Good News and Not-So-Good News

When it comes to health and beauty issues, I'm all for it. Supplements, eating right, exercise, skin care, you name it. If I see good articles online, I will read it and try to practise it. Sometimes I saved it. The only challenge is 'consistency'. I'm very bad when it comes to exercise. Just like taking supplements. Always skip it. But I always try to keep doing it.

Now I have added another interest, which is gardening. I've a few success stories in gardening, so far. My pineapple crowns are sprouting, just waiting to be 'grounded'. My papaya seedlings are growing healthily. The lime, kaffir lime and lemongrass plants are all in 'pink of health' or rather 'green of health'?

And lately, I've advance a stage further. Garden maintenance. Way to go...! Since this is also goint to be part of an exercise routine, I decided to mow my own kidding!

These are my powerful weapons, garden tools.

I was so excited when my garden tools actually works. The manual lawn mower I last seen was an old rusty one, when I was a kid. Hey, its quite light and effective actually. Then for the edges, the electrical trimmer. Works fine, too, but...... Lets see the results, so far.

My successful attempts...

But along the way, some disastrous results.....eeeek!!

Oh well, if I were to make too many damages to my garden, I'll call the 'professional' grass cutter the next time.

Hahaha...Have a great Day!!


cakapaje said...

Salam yd,

Wow! You must have a big house! And the lawn, they look expensively nice.
As for the 'rosak' patches due to the mower, well, its not the mower - lady nor machine - but your ground is uneven. What you can do is perhaps dig and take away some of the earth away. Another thing you could try is by placing some heavy bricks on them for several days but keep repeating the process; if its soft ground, the earth will settle down nicely.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Well, not really, just a normal house, but alhamdulillah...

Hehehe..I wold like to think that the ground was uneven, (anything as long as its not my fault). And yes, maybe at other spots, but not the one I 'balded'. Can't control the trimmer yet. There are things such as 'techniques'...

Anyway thanks for the advise. I will try that on some of the uneven spots.