Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Curiosity Kills the Cat?

I think Not! Infact they're the cutest on earth when they are curious!

Here's Sugar trying to get the feel of the sofa. I always tell her not to climb up the sofa....its a forbidden territory. But did she listen? Lol!

Mommy: "Sugar, get down!"

Sugar: "Well, ok, ooookkk! It doesn't taste good anyway....! (The sofa after she licked it) I have other better things to do!"

Hey, that's an interesting looking box there. I wonder what is it?

I wonder what's in it? I just can't reach in!

Haaa..! I know this one! I can smell "Munchkin wuz here!" Hey, so were Mommy Honey and ....moi!

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