Sunday, April 29, 2012


OF Dreams, Vision and Coincidence

Talk about dreams, vision, or coincidence?

May I just reiterate, that this is no big or major, nor an important event, but just a small coincidence in a daily life experience, that is somehow significant to yours truly, truly.

I have been 'in-love' with iPhone eversince it hits the market. That was way back in 2008. Its not even available locally here in Malaysia. But there are friends and people I know who bought it from the US or Europe and brings it back here, not to mention some black market item, you cant tell if its original or 'under the sea' product.

When it finally arrive here, 2 things that stopped me from jumping to grab it.

1. My HTC windows mobile phone was ever so reliabale. I have no problem at all with it and its applications. It was so easy to use and very user-friendly. its like a mini-computer, so to speak.

2. The phone is available only through one service provider. My family just transfered the whole family account from that service provider to a competitor because of their lack of customer service, which is another story. The bundle package was also not too attractive as I pay less on my current service.

Well, with that two major factors in mind, I decided that iPhone is not for me, at least not for a while, and I don't see any signs of aging coming from my current phone. Its like a hanging wish-list! I even wrote an entry about this a few months back titled 'Ancient Phones'. But little did I guessed (or remembered) that freaky things can happen to make things happen!

I was at a mall about three weeks ago with my little darlings, and we had lunch at Burger Kings. Well, kids will always go for fast foods, and the mom didnt object either! While eating and facebooking, I also read sms'es. Then we went to browse around while waiting for my other girl watch her movie with friends.
One of the stop was the Apple Store. The kids played with the Macs while my attention was stuck on the iPhone on display. Sighing wishfully, I put the phone back to its dock and take a copy of the leaflet, not knowing why, thinking I dont intend to get it as yet! Well, humour me, I told myself.

Then we proceeded to MPH bookstore where I planned to read some gardening or home decor books. After choosing the books and head to the member's lounge section when I remembered to sms my girl and let her know our whereabout. That's when I found out that my phone was missing!

I recalled the last time I used it was at the Burger King, and made a dash there! I felt so lost without it, like going around n...d.! (lol) But of course, the odds are, it wasn't there anymore. The cleaner hasn't seen it, and the group that sat at the table were the second batch there. For some reason, I wasn't panicky or upset, but a bit lost and sad. I loved that phone! Not giving up hope, I left my numbers to the Manager and even the Customer Service counter of the mall.

For the next 2 days, I couldn't decide what phone to get for replacement....DUH! I was half hoping that someone will call me to return the phone...double 'DUH'! LOL! Actually I know what is the most ideal replacement, but the factor No. 2 above is still stopping me. That would also mean that I have to change my 10+ year old phone number which I had retained everytime I buy a new set. I called my current phone company to enquire if the rumour that they might take iPhone soon is true, but they confirmed Not. Then I called another company who are taking 'pre-orders', but they can't tell for sure when it is coming. (btw, they're available now...hah...they just lost a customer!)

It was my DH who eventually couldn't stand it and asked me to decide what phone I! Even then I was still thinking....and thinking...or not thinking at all! My eldest son asked me to take a Blackberry, so I researched some of its features.....hmm, not bad. Then there's also the cheaper version of Blackberry called Blueberry. lol! I can get that, and play with it until my current phone company brings my iPhone in. But my DH just can't stand it anymore....!

Then, whadaya know.... I found the iPhone leaflet with the promo package in my handbag that I picked up on the day I lost the phone! "Humor me..!" I recalled telling myself on that day. I actually picked up the leaflet without realising I had lost the phone! Freaky, isn't it?

And with that, I finally decided its ok to change, that change is inevitable, and a change of number goes with it! And you can guess the rest of the story!

Haha....long story! Thanks for reading!!


Anya said...

HI Ydiana

Nice to see you back
and VERY interesting post !!!!!
I hope it was yummie by Burger KIng
(my favorie better than macDonalds;)

Ydiana said...

Hello Anya!

Sorry I'm like on and off! But I'll be around! *Hugs*

judyrod said...

Where theres a will theres a way. ............................................................

Ydiana said...

Hi Judy

Thanks for dropping in! Very true, when there's a will, there's a way!! :)

吳庭 said...

rain before seven; fine before eleven.............................................................

張v李佳羽嘉旺 said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..................................................................