Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mommy's Playtime!

She cannot decide! To be a nagging mommy, or a playful bunny! Lol!

At one moment she calls out after everyone, telling them to behave and stay at one place. Another time you'll find her chasing after each of them, and wrestling them! It was so funny!

Let's share some fun time here!

And another!

And oh!... There are times when you hear one of the kids meowing much too loud for your comfort, that you just have to check it out. So you can guess, who's the bully?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pampering Honey

Eversince the 3 new musketeers aka darlings arrive, most everything is centered around them. They're so cute and adorable! Everyone wants to play with them, hold them, baby-talk to them, so much so, that I personally feel that my others heros and heroin is feeling the beat.

That is why now I take extra effort to make the others still feel loved and cherished.

Last week, Oreo, (much to his disgust) gets a great hair cut! Lion cut. LOL!! Now we are anxiously waiting for his hair to grow back into its original majestic fluff and shine.

Minty gets extra playtime every now and then, because that's what he enjoys most.

Honey? The new Mommy! She is still the apple of my eye!

Hide n Seek!

Time-off from the little ones...!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lion King

Who's that white lion king?

Roaming about in seek of truth and justice.

Claiming a stake in this deserted herbal land.

Oh...its Oreo, just came back from the barberland.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kitty Colours!!


Munchkin & Waffle

Apparently, Persian kittens are quite popular among my friends and relatives. They go goo-goo gaa-gaa when they saw Munchkin, Waffle and Sugar. And that includes moi. Well, they are so cute, indeed! And some of them actually wanted to adopt these darlings! I don't know. I don't feel like parting with any of these kiddies, but then again, can I upkeep them all?

Then there's a question of, who to give which? Then one friend even suggests that I should let Honeybun 'do-it' with Oreo! And he's taking a pair! And that's final. OMG!

With all these still at the back of my head, out of curiosity, I serched the web for this color chart. Its supposed to tell you what kitten color will be depending on the parents. Well, it was definitely accurate for most of my kittens, including the three new darlings. The link is here at Cats4U.com.
Msg from Cats4u.com : Hope you did not go cross eyed looking at the chart! (lol)

So, let's say Oreo is the sire, the the kitty colours would be just like Honey. Red, cream or red and cream. Interesting!

Well, I don't know yet. Whatever it is, Honey has to have a good rest and take great care of these 3 furballs before I decide on the next course of action.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ancient Phones

Lol...I was laughing as I write this post. I'm not sure if any of you find it funny, or relate to my story, but as its my own personal experience, I can still smile or laugh at the thought of it.

Its about my first phone. I believe it was in 1995. It started when my boss suddenly came into the computer room, (yes, those days you have to share computers in a computer room...lol!) and suddenly there a phone ring. Oh, he was just showing off, then. Maybe the first few personnel in the company to use handphones.

Soon after, I 'managed' to my own a handphone as a birthday gift. It was huge! Remember those days when handphones were so big, and your handbags trend, were small? Well, I was in that era during my first job. Contrary to the fact that I was then, so delighted to have a handphone, where less than 2% of the population in Malaysia have it, I was a bit 'shy' to carry it around.

So one day at lunchtime, I brought my handphone along with me for the first time, and it can't fit my bag. So, to conceal it, I put it in an A4 envelope. Suddenly in the lift, the phone rang! And everyone (about 10 of us) were looking about to find the source of the ringtone. It was a loud piercing sound. And it wasn't fancy enough that you can choose the nice ringtones. And on top of that, I haven't read the manual on how to put it on silent or discreet tone...haha! So imagine, initially I wanted to ignore the call, but later on, I just had to pick up the call and took out the phone out of the envelope! hahaha... I was so embarrassed, so the next day I bought a bigger handbag. Lol!

So, this was the picture model of my first phone. It wasn't mine. I just googled for the image. After so many years, and so many phones, my current model is the HTC pocket pc mobile phone which has been very reliable for the few years.

I believe there were about 7-8 phone switches before this last one. And I am not even a handphone freak. (Right?)
1. Nokia ___
2. Motorola ...tac
3. Motorola ...(microtac?)
4. Nokia (yellow interchangeable skin)
5. Nokia
6. Nokia
7. Sony Ericsson
8. Htc Pocket PC
9. ........
(To be edited as and when I remember. For my record purposes only)

I am actually eyeing the new iphone. Finally it is here! The only setback is that only Maxis carry it and the promotion is not attractive enough for the switch. I'll probably wait, then get 'someone' to buy me for my next birthday, or wait for a faster and better model with more attractive promotion....lol!