Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Outdoor Masterpiece

It may be not a big deal to most of us, infact, not a big deal to moi Except, this is my first effort to arrange 4 different plants in a medium-sized pot. The name of plants, please don't ask me. I am the type who appreciates and admire them, but when come to names, especially the scentifically botanic names, I won't even bother to memorize.

Back to my 'masterpiece', this is actually a maiden effort to enhance my garden further. After moving to this house for more than a year now, I feel that this place needs some improvement and more artistic layout. Its time to redecorate and implement new ideas and concept to an already not-so-bad garden....haha!

The other day I invited a landscape designer to plan my garden. She was full of ideas. Among other things she mentioned was this concept, "...don't plant just one plant in a pot, put 3-5 plants together!" So, guess what, at the earliest opportunity we made our way to Sg Buloh and choose some plants as well as some other indoor plants.

Well, I think its a brilliant and refreshing idea and the outcome is beautiful. And if you haven't tried it already, you might want to adopt this concept for your garden! :)


A Friend said...


Greens are always soothing to the eye. A pretty masterpiece indeed! Keep the green thumbs oozing.

Anya said...

I am love plants very much :)
It looks great in those pots ^__^
Have a nice day
Anya :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Friend

It is, one of my favourite color. Apple green, to be precise. :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Anya

I can see you love plants too, looking at your beautiful garden! Must learn how you do that red bonsai.

katztales said...

You are so clever. I'm lousy with plants! Are you COT-ing this week?

Gattina said...

And I thought I would see Minty around the pot at least but I only see plants, sigh !

katztales said...

Molly the dog who was rescued by Conan the cat is out in this Saturday's Star, the one coming up! Will we see Minty next week???

Luna said...

That is a wonderful planting pot. I like these flamingo-like flowers.
How are the cats doing there???

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz

Haha...its easier than you thought actually. Just put the plants together in one pot, and its done. But its the idea that makes it brilliant!

I wanted to do Cot, but I was rushing for a few chores today and I couldn't locate some pictures. I will update and you'll be hearing about Minty soon! :)

Ydiana said...

Lol...Gattina, unfortunately Minty was making his rounds around the neighbourhood when I was doing the pot! Don't worry, I'm having a special entry on Minty and Honeybun and keep you posted! :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Luna,

Thanks! Yes, the cats are all doing great! Oreo is a bit naughty, but there's other surprises. I'll let you know once I put up a new entry! :)

Chahya said...

my mom has long practised planting different plants in one pot.
she did with her orchids of different colour n blooms, as such her pot of flowers look like a bouquet of flowers which bloom all year round!
orchids bloom for quite sometime, and when some flowers start to whither, the other orchids start to you have a year round flowering pots! if u're interested to see some of her orchids, just brose thru my blog under label flowers.

Ydiana said...

Hi Chahya

That's right. This concept is not new, but for newbies, its recent! I'm sure your mom has lots of other beautiful creations and tips in the garden. I'll surely hop over to admire her garden.

P/s Your garden is beautiful too.