Wednesday, June 6, 2007

$$$ in My Bank

My experience on the Law of Attraction has never been stronger than this incidence today. Its just another normal (great) day for me. However my thoughts seem to wonder to these particular 'friends', a couple, who, time and again dissapoint me with some attitude to an issue that we have between us.

Suddenly, in the morning, I just had this 'forgiving mood' for them, and I wish that whatever happen between us, I wish them all the best. That happened in my thoughts, not verbalized.

It wasn't too long in the afternoon when I received an sms from one of them, "Hi! I've banked in $xxx in your account today, sorry for the delay...".

I replied with a TQ! and a smiley.

I can't figure out whether it was my positive vibes that travel across to them, compelling them to pay some of their owings to me, or their positive intentions that made their way to me to be more forgiving towards them.

Whatever it is, my belief in The Law of Atrraction once more proved to be right...


Eskapisminda said...

I'm another believer. It works. I use it to find parking spot! ;)

Ydiana said...

Hi Intan

Whadya know! I just come across this comment...sorry for for the delay! I just discovered another comment earlier just few minutes ago on my older posts!

Yes, parking spot helps. But if I knew a busy area where it is almost impossible to park, and its a short trip to the shop, I even 'asked' for an illegal parking that's convenient...haha!

But it works well in shoppng malls! :)