Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Great Day..!

Today is another Great day for me. I have loads of things to be joyful about, even when I did not even go out the whole day.

I enjoyed a simple breakfast, a sandwich that is bit too spicy for my taste, and my normal white coffee, alone. Then I catched up with some business friends, updating my part time business,... which is also my part time income.

Noon, I was too full, still from breakfast, so I skipped lunch. But I smiled the whole afternoon talking to some new friends online. These are friends who have a few things in common. We make each other laugh.

4.00 pm. My children pesters me to bake a cake. A Pillsbury cake from the box. First time trying it out. Turn out to be a crispy brownie. Hard as a rock, but chewy and yummy. Haha..but my kids still enjoy it. I did, too.

Dinner, my other half is out on business appointment. My new maid cooked a not-so-perfect meal, but surprisingly my little daughter loved it. I kind of like it too.

It doesn't end there. My online friends are always there for me. Even as I wrote this, I am in-between this blog and my favorite web page.

Life is so blissful. You always have something to be grateful about...

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