Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lesson about Life - Lunch with an old friend

I learned something very valuable yesterday while having lunch with a friend. Something I always knew about, and to an extent, something I try to practise in my day-to-day life. But yesterday I saw a true perspective on the concept of The Law of Attraction.

We attract who we are, what we believe in, what we seek in life. I am grateful to have a happy life, even though it "could be better"; lead a comfortable lifestyle, though not yet at the level I would love it to be. And so forth.... But I would say overall, I have a meaningful life, and very very grateful for it.

My beautiful friend, which I haven't met for quite some years until recently, on the other hand, is alone, sad, lonely and struggling to make ends meet. So I gathered that she's been divorced for four years, her children is away at college under her husband's custody.

What I noticed is that after years of us not having met each other, my friend is bitter about life. She can't seem to let go of her past, and very much living in self pity. Her conversation centered around things she wanted but couldn't have. "Her ex-husband never pampered her", "she can't find happiness", "she doesn't have anything at her age". She believed that she deserve a better life, but was deprived of it from circumstances. Yes, what she believe in, she gets it.

I have a mission for her. I will keep giving her encouragements, and make her believe that she can have what she wants, as long as she believes she CAN have it.

And I BELIEVE she CAN have it...


vijay said...

I think your friend needs your encouragement.I am encouraged that you are there for her.Just dont tell her I am a lawyer who has handled many divorce cases and seen the spouses bitterness first hand.

Ydiana said...

Why, thank you, Vijay! I lent her my 'The Secret' video, and she seems to be having a different perspective about life now. She has a steady boyfriend and definitely happier!

I can understand the 'bitterness' you mentioned. Its sad...