Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stay Positive, You!

Being in the real world is actually challenging. Ha ha... Maybe that is an understatement to some. To me, I take life as it is. I just want to be Happy. Even that, is sometimes challenging for me.

We are surrounded by people around us, some positively inclined, and some vice versa. Some is somewhat in the middle. In trying to be positive, so that I could attract good things to me, I do encounter with differences in opinion, judgements and stands. And when I do, it sometimes sway my positively inclined stand to different directions.

That's when I quickly check myself and say out my affirmations loudly in my mind and thoughts. I am Happy, Healthy and Wealthy! Great things coming to me. Sometimes I add, "Oh.. and gorgeous too." (Just to give more confidence..ha ha)

However low I feel at that point of time, just when I remember my affirmations, I do feel much better afterwards. Try it. It might help some of us....

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