Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Into the Veggies

My tiny meeny herbal garden is growing pretty well. I have already experienced the sweetness of harvesting from your own backyard, and it was really satisfying. No wonder why so many people keep planting trees and plants at their backyard, and I've come to understand the concept now.

Ok, now I'm about ready to take my own gardening 'skill' to the next level. This time, edible vegetables like lettuce and cucumbers. One that needs more attention and care. Unlike the pandans and the serai where you can totally 'ignore' them while they grow, these group of plants can be fragile. But with proper care, they will grow and fruit beautifully.

Gardener at work..!

This time, they must be labelled.

The growing collections.

Furball spy watching out for insects.


U.Lee said...

Hi YDiana, I love your garden, and yes, gardening is a good hobby, keeps you healthy.
I read somewhere people who do gardening have less headaches and health problems...as it is very relaxing.

I used to love planting jagung, cucumbers, some vegetables, but sebelum ready, the raccoons had a feast, habis they kerjah my small kebun, ha ha.

And here against the law to kill them or whatever. My corn plants about 20 semua habis...so habis cherita, no more gardening. Ha ha.

Hope you had a wonderful raya Ydiana.
By the way, you have a big garden, maybe have a small Koi fish pond? Then can put couple of chairs beside it, relax with a cup of tea after gardening? Ha ha. Best regards, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hello Lee

Thanks, I love it too. :) I am still very new to gardening and still learning, but I do find its a stress reliever.

Kesian all those racoons must be hungry. How about building a green house where they cannot come in? Then you can have all the small herbal and vegetable plants in there. Just an idea.

The koi pond we had at our old house and it could be high maintenance, but it is still in for future plans. Sounds great!

Eskapisminda said...

Hi Diana, your garden looks so nice. I have no hope to garden at my high rise home with a small balcony. Can serai grow in a pot? How big should the pot be? Actually I'm drinking serai drinks after reading your health blog. It's nice :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Intan

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir & batin!

Yes, you definitely can grow serai in a pot. Its one of the easiest plant to grow. In fact, if the comunity doesn't mind, I would just plant a stalk or two at the corner ground for everyone's use. Berjasa pada tanah dan pahala if people use it! :)

Here's a link with an idea how you can start.