Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Relabelling...and whadya know...I got Tagged!

As I was about to write this entry to share my 'frustration', although like DJ said, for all you know, only the moon and the sun reads what you wrote, I discovered that Cakapaje guy, e.r..I mean 'Datuk Aje' (he was conferred 2 days ago by Snowflake, you know..) had just tagged me on Piano by Ear, again. Actually this tagging thing is new to me although I've started my first blog for more than a year now. Maybe then, my circulation of friends were very, very limited, and really, only the moon and the sun read my entries.

Ok lah...I believe I am a sport. But before that, let's hear another one of my garden misadventures...

I thought I labelled them good this time. The last incident when we plant some seeds in a nursery bag, I forgot what plant it was. Later it was assumed that it might be chilies and ground it next to the birdeye chilies plant.

So last week when I sowed some seeds which I got from the hardware store, six of them consisting of tomatoes, okra, bitter gourd, cucumber, butterhead lettuce, salad lettuce and chinese celery, I know I must label them. Especially being an unprofessional gardener with different available recycle containers, which should be easier to identify, but yours truly doesn't trust herself and cannot guarantee to remember which is which after a few days. Even worse, she labelled it wrongly, minutes after sowing them.

I thought it was tomato, and it sprouted a day later. But somehow the growth was stunted and it is still in its seed form with a little sprout. I checked the growth everyday. Quite estatic when the cucumber, the bitter gourd and the ladyfinger (okra) is sprouting nicely. The butterhead lettuce is taking some time but as of today you can see tiny leaves coming out. But the tomato is still stunted.

Clockwise from left: Ladyfingers, Bittergourd, Cucumber and Butterhaed Lettuce

So I took out again the leftover seeds, and luckily I had enough brain to keep them in the original packaging respectively and not throw them away. Took out the tomato...and suddenly realised that the seeds are not the same. Upon checking all the other seeds, the stunted one was actually the bitter gourd seed. Now, which one is tomato? What about the rest? Are they correct? How do I know which plant needs the stick and frame to climb?

More work here. Later I will need to compare the plants with online pictures to find out which is which. I love the internet...!

Ok, now back to the tag business. 15 random facts huh? Here goes...

1. I am a hopelessly positive person, and I tell myself that I am always happy.

2. I love to play piano. I started with two fingers on the right hand, move to five finger still right hand and only recently I played with both hands, and 9 fingers! Hey presto!!

3. I love gardening....from planting plants to weeding out weeds. But I just hate the worms and the frog that I found under the pot. If they know what's good for them, they'll run away as fast as they can or risk getting an ear piercing scream the whole neighbourhood can hear.

4. I go to yoga class once a week and ponteng once a month.

5. I wanted to visit Korea once again and this time to meet Bae Young Jung. Sighhhh...!

6. I look forward to drive to Ampang and meet my cousin. A fun secret rendervous, supposedly..

7. Given a choice, all my cats will sleep in my room. But that only happened many many moons ago.

8. I love comedies. 'Friends' top the list, though they're no longer on air. I have the whole DVD collection of the entire 10 seasons, but still haven't got the time to watch it again. The rest, not much, can't remember. In fact, I am hardly infront of the TV nowadays. Its either the garden, the piano, or the PC! ;)

9. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a scientist. So when we found some strange soil, we thought we could light it up and make fire crackers. Then a six year old unknowingly torched it to my finger and the mark is still here.

10. I once fell from a cherry tree about 15 feet high from a broken branch. Passed out for 15 minutes. No other injury, except a mark under my chin.

11. When I first drove a car, I didn't know where the brake and the handbrake were. My 'tutor'got panicked when I drove and pressed the foot brake with his hands when he asked me to brake, and I asked 'where'?

12. My curiousity got the better of me when I kidnapped my brother's huge street bike and I almost got into a drain out of control and but was saved by God and it looked like I just did a stunt in front of some rempits and they really salute me after that. Not that I know them, but before that they always make whatever remarks or whistles whenever I passed by, but after that incident, they were strangely very quiet.

13. My friends and I almost got detained as illegal immigrant by the US Immigration at the US-Canada border when we accidently left the country through the highway and made an illegal U-turn when we realised we were heading towards Canada with no passport on us.

14. I went jogging once with my cousin at 3 am in the morning, thinking it was 6.30 am.

15. Once my cousin and I were 'budding' teenagers and we were sitting in front of the house. A car approched and being 'modest and shy', we quickly stand up to run inside. But our bums was caught at the half opened door and we can't get inside. You know, like Winnie the Pooh..'.the car drove off because it was only making a u-turn, and not visiting. Hahaha... And we were stuck for the longest 20 seconds ever.

There, a few excerpts of my life, at random. What I fondly remember, what I am passionate about, and what tickles me.

Now, who do I tag next? Really! Definitely I do not 15 names, especially most of my friends are already taken. Well, I guess, ...

Eskapisminda, Raden Galoh and Daphne!! Forgive me, but you're IT!!


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Hehe...didn't know between the handbrakes and pedal? Aiyaiyai! Even the Mexicans would be runnng away faster than the Bull Runs :)

Anyway, it ought not matter whether anyone else reads or not your blog. For certain, I think that Datuk Aje does. Another thing, you write for the love of it. Not long enough, you'll have your own readers too. So, just keep on writing.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Hehe...those were the days. I didn't tell about how I kidnapped my father's car, and then my sisters' car. Had quite a colourful teenage years before. I remember with fond memories.

cakapaje said...

Isk isk isk. I never thought you were such a naughty and adventurous kind :)

Ydiana said...

Hi again Shah

Yes, adventerous, especially on cars. I dreamed about driving a car eversince I was 4-5 years old. So, once my feet is long enough to press the accelerator, I've been persuading anyone I know who owns a car to let me drive. Alternatively, I had no choice but to sneakily get the car keys and drive it. ;)

Snowflake said...

I guessed the midnite wind were in its right direction yea.. whooo whooo..

Ydiana said...

Hi Snow

Hee hee...that's is actually another chapter to tell. The alarm clock mysteriously woke us up and not looking at the clock, sleepily get up, washed up like a zombie and walk out of the house. I actually have a story to tell about the winds that morning, but later, maybe. We realised it was too early when after some time at 'Tanjung', no one seems to be around and suddenly we hear the subuh talkhin. Whooooo...