Friday, January 9, 2009

Basil, Coco, Almond, Honeybun....and Brownie

Last week I had some not-so-good news, but couldn't bring myself to update it, until today, when I feel that I have the strentgh to deal with it objectively. I spent good amount of time gazing at this beautiful plant and its flowers. Some are flourishing beautifully, at its peak of beauty, while some tends to look drying, almost becoming lifeless in the process. That somewhat reminds me that any living thing in this world would not last forever.
A few of weeks ago, when we feel that the two hamsters, Syaoran and Sakura, renamed as Almond and Brownie when we found out and confirmed that both are male hamsters, might get lonely without a she-hamster. So we add another member and called her Coco. The three of them seems to live happily ever after.
But one day, somebody accidentally left the cage not securely fastened, and Almond as well as Brownie escaped. Almond was found in the kitchen after one day, probably out to look for food, while Brownie, the night after in the guest bathroom.

A few days later, Brownie died. He was weak and rather tired the day before, and the next morning, he was gone. Well, for me I've gone through losses of pets several times now, so its nothing new, right? Wrong! The only difference is this time, you manage to stay cool and pretend its gonna be alright. Like when I stared at my basils just to calm down, you have to let go. People you love, pets, even friends...

However, on a more positive note, Coco looks as though she's pregnant!. Now, Ridzzy, if you're reading this, don't get any ideas, ok..! She looks like she's gained weight, and this morning she can't even climb up the trail to exercise...hahaha... Presenting the clipse

Haha...!Actually she managed to climb up after all, after much effort, determination and a strong will to exercise. Don't we all need to learn from that?

But whatever it is, this furball is still the apple of my eye! ;)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ydiana, regret read of your pet passing away. But you going to have additions soon.
Wish I can keep a couple too, but isteri saya allergic to fur.
Good...this way no need to have a mink coat. No good because I can't keep a cat, ha ha. Lee.

Chahya said...

Such an adorable cat!! Almond, right?

My daughter asked me, gambar kat atas tu rumah you ke? She said cantiknya!!! I thinks it's beautiful too.

Ydiana said...

Hello Lee need to buy mink coat but also cannot keep hairy pets. Its ok, maybe you can have a virtual pet online, or buy those digital pets where you have to schedule feeding it and clean up their poops..haha!

Have a great week, Lee!

Ydiana said...

Hey Chahya

The orange kitten is Honeybun! Almond is the deceased hamster :(

Hehe.. rumah kat atas tu isn't mine, but I really love the well tended garden. If I look at it everyday, I will work out my garden to look like that too....haha!

Ridzzy said...

Hello YD..

hahaha.. no , i wont make a snake meal out of someones pet hamster. Although i do give them hamsters for treats, but its just too expensive

.....unless someone's hamster is pregnant and willing to give some away for cheap cheap.. :P

Ridzzy said...
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Ydiana said...

Hi Ridz

Hee hee... actually I pun tak confirm if Coco's really pregnant. But she's grown so bulat especially compared to Almond. Geram!

If I have a lot of hamster babies beyond control, like I heard most hamster owners always says, I can always giveaway. But not the first batch, kot. We'll see.

Ridzzy said...

I'll be.. or rather.. my baby named medusa will be waiting.. muahahaha

Ydiana said...

Naughty you, Ridzzy!

Eskapisminda said...

Diana, how come your hamster punya nama semua sounds so edible?

Btw, sorry abt the loss. This is another reason why I will not have pet. Nanti sedih. Furball betul2 cam Garfield!

Ydiana said...


Nice pic! But to be frank, I prefer the first one you put up, the one with the hat on. But this one is cute too. :)

The edible name started from the fist persian cat I got, Simba, until we found out that she's a female, and changed her name to Candy. And coincidently, we bought a male companion, and his name is Oreo by the prevous owner. Since both are food name, we continue with the tradition on the off springs, Minty, Pepsi, Toffee, Muffin. That's how it all started. Only the turtles doesn't have food name...haha. Long story, ya!