Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Late this afternoon, I was feeling a little lethargic. I supposed I spent too much time in front of my PC, and suddenly I felt like doing some workout. That's good, coz my last exercise was last week at yoga, and I missed my line dancing class again this week.

Initially I wanted to walk around the neighbourhood, then I remembered the bicycle! So I took the bicycle out and started cycling. It was nice and breezy, and I was enjoying the ride until halfway up the hill, when I started panting. Wow, I didn't realise that cycling is quite a task! I just had to stop, my lung felt like its ready to burst and my leg muscle is feeling some pain. I was contemplating to turn back and go downhill again. It wasn't even that steep. Somehow, pride won't let me turn back, so I forced myself to continue upward until I turn downhill at the left junction. Then the ride levelled off and uphill again to my house.

Once I reached home, I was really exhausted. I didn't realise that bicycling could be so draining. I immediately set the bike aside and rest before keeping it, when I realised, that I have been cycling on one flat tyre! wonder! I wonder if anyone noticed....

Ok, that's my 'adventure' for today. Now, previously I mentioned the two plants that I had successfully planted and 'live' and I discovered that I had 'green thumb' afterall. I still don't know the names, but here are the pictures!

As for the third picture, just ignore it for now. That's just a futile attempt to save a broken branch from my new 'weeping willow' tree in the fourth pix, so I just stick the branch at my empty herbal garden half hoping that it will grow just like the two 'successful' plants earlier, which I cut and sticked to the ground....hahaha!

Actually I doubt the name of the tree is 'Weeping Willow', as the man at the nursery called it, because I happen to have another 2 trees infront by that name and it was different. I will take some shots later and compare these two.

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