Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Herbal Garden

I had always find gardening a bit intimidating and that everyone else can grow a tree or plant except me. I believed that I do not have the green thumb. When I was a kid, I used to watch my mother work around her orchids and she even tend a small orchard of rambutans, guava, and some other smaller plants like ferns, roses and cactus around the house. Somehow, I did not inherit that interest. I did climb a lot of trees, though.

Ok, actually I have a confession to make. I hate dirt or soil, and I am scared of worms. The sight of worms makes me squirm... like a worm! That's why I always stay away from gardening. I actually love to plant trees. Clean ones, like an indoor plant. During my student days, I bought some potted plants at the supermarket and buy a stick-like fertilisers that you can just stick in the pot. Water them once or twice a week, and they grow beautifully. Easy. And that's about as close I come to gardening, then. After that I let other people to do it as they please around the house.

But recently I just have the urge to plant some trees. So I started with the easy one. The name, don't ask me (yet). There's this one plant that if you just cut the top where the stalk is brown enough you can just stick it in the ground and it'll just grow easily. That's my first successful attempt, so far. Then I tried another species like a bamboo types, and it worked too! I got motivated! Hey, I did have a green thumb after all, and I don't even have to paint it green...

Now its time to work on my herbal garden, which I dreamt for about some time but never got the urge to start before this. I wanted to have it so much because I want to have all my kitchen and cooking needs handy and fresh whenever I need them. I am tired of finding dried twigs of lemon grass in the refrigerator and had to throw it away, and the next day when I need to use it, there's none left. Urrrgghhh...

My current 'collection' includes pandan, lemon grass, chilies, tumeric, lengkuas, milk thistle, curry and kasturi, among others. All the basic kitchen needs. Next batch would also include some fruits and vegetables and some plants of medicinal values. I still have about 20 more plants listed to be planted. Right now the garden is still so bare, but I am working on it. I'm taking my own sweet time, though. Well you need to enjoy what you're doing rather than rushing it.

I have in preparation a pair of working gloves, an almost full set of garden tools and a big straw hat. So, gardening, here I come..!


U.Lee said...

Hi Ydiana, you not the only one afraid of worms. Me too. And to think I love fishing, ha ha...but I don't use worms. And yet I used to love snakes and iguanas, more for laughs let go in girl's classes, or cinema. Ha ha.
I love the pic of your garden and don't forget to show when the plants ready for your pot, ha ha.
Bet you must be a gourmet cook, huh?
Anytime you cook fish head lemak send telegram, I come over, ha ha, you have a nice day, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee
Its hard to believe anyone who loves snakes and iguanas but is afraid of worms...hahaha. You must be one of a kind. ;)

Yes, my herbal garden is still bare and empty now, but is ready for planting. My next plant is papaya. I just enjoyed a good solo papaya and saving the seeds now. I just discovered that you need at least 2-3 papaya trees to make sure you have a male and female tree so that it can bear fruits. Otherwise I would just plant one and risk not having it fruiting, unless it is a male/female tree. I will take pictures as there is progress to my backyard.

Gourmet cook? I'd like to think that I could cook like one..haha. I only cook when I have to or when the 'urge' comes. Normally when I have a new cravings, or when I have a new recipes, or upon request. :)