Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm Counting My Blessings

As I stroll around my garden, looking at the grass for any signs of weeds, and once in a while I will find one or two hidden among the greens and I pick them out to the roots. At the same time, I am thanking God while recalling my earlier incident today and a couple of incident a few days ago.

Only two weeks ago, I witnessed an accident happened right before my eyes on the opposite lane. A small lorry hit the road divider on the opposite side of the road so hard that broken glass splinters hit my windscreen. I 'escaped' a head collision and saved only by the road divider. I was a bit shaken by the incident.

Three days ago, I would say I was a bit careless. I was driving along a narrow winding road when I saw an oncoming car driving quite fast and seemed to take up my side of the road. In order to avoid it (head-on), I swerved a little to my left side and unfortunately hit the the roadside cement block. I broke my left running board in the process. The car service center couldn't believe how an aluminiun cast board can be broken. I'd liked to blame the incident for not having my morning coffee earlier, so while waiting for them to dismantle the boards I had two servings of cafe mocha from the coffee dispenser.

Today, as I was heading home at about 3 pm, there was a heavy rain. I had to slow down the car due to poor vision. And good thing I did because right in front of me, a medium sized tree about 20 feet tall fell off uprooted and hit the road. I managed to brake in time, and ended up just hitting the tree branches and got away with a very minor dent on my bonet. Thank god I did not hit the tree trunk or run into the fallen tree. This time I knew I was not careless, in fact, I managed to avoid being crushed under the tree had I driven a few kilometers faster.

My initial reaction was, why? Why? Why is all these happenings suddenly took place in my life? These seldom happen before. The last 'serious' accident I had was years ago when a car hit me from the back. Suddenly these road mishaps happens in matters of days. Is this just a coincidence, or a 'reminder' for me to be more cautious on the road, I don't know. I'm not sure if I want to drive again after this. But I surely thank God and count my blessings for all these narrow escapes.

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