Monday, December 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home 2

Haah...just came back from another travelling. This time more of visiting relatives kind of vacation. No pictures, coz I didn't even go out much except to one mall, more of a stay home and get pampered as a guest treatment...hahaha. Nice, but its great to be home...again. :)

First thing after getting home, a quick trip to my backyard! My beloved herbal garden!! Oh, I missed it so, this time. Thank goodness, everythings alright.

Then to the vet to fetch the adorable hairballs, Minty and Honeybun from the hotel, er, hostel stay. Honeybun was said to have gone through diarrhea and depression, but the vet took care of it. First time boarding away for her. Oreo is left to guard the house, we left him with the food and water dispenser enough for the duration. So far he's risen up to the occassion. The house was intact, eerr...except some cream furs lying all over the grass at a few spots. Evidence of territory protections. And a couple of territorial markings, suspected from the alley cats that Oreo's been chasing.

But back to my little green haven. Some have really grown!

Aaahh.... the much amissed corner.

The ladies have transformed into beauties!

Yummy spread at the vegetable bed. I wonder when will it be ready for my table?

Something's been eating this one. Just you wait, ok!

Ok, this one, the slimy culprit is is caught red handed. It didn't live much longer after this pose. I cut it with the trimmer together with the leaf.... eeewwww.. urggghhh....@#$&!*+!!

On a happier note, a latest addition to the family, donated to my garden collection. The whole pot! Tq! Tq! Tq!


Chahya said...

Hi YD,
welcome back home.
I was squinting my eyes to see where's the 'slimy culprit''s so camouflaged I actually memang tak nampak mana satu bendanya...err, ke mata I yg...iskk, no, no,...I have great vision (hahaha...skrg ni kena positive, lol). Must be the camouflage.

Re four angled bean, no need picture lah. Kacang botol je sebenarnya, the one yang selalu buat ulam makan dengan sambal belacan tu. Senang sangat nak hidup, but main culprit is the insect pests le. With your kind of addiction to your herbal garden, I bet they'll grow in abundant and you can start having your own stall at the market hehehe.
If you want the benih, gimme a call, I'll give you for free :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Chahya

Its not your pretty eyes, just my expert photography camouflaging the pest...hahaha! Ok, if you try to see again on the nearest branch, 2nd leaf from bottom, its there in green, brownish and white. It should be in the middle. See it?

Ooh...kacang botol. Kelat-kelat crunchy bean. Ok, when we meet up, bring me a whole, tak pe lah, 2-3 pun cukupla.. ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ydiana, you sure have green fingers. Beautiful garden, looks so fresh...for us its all white outside.
Anyway, here's wishing you and family Seasons best greetings, happy holidays and have a happy new year Ydiana. Best regards, Lee.

Chahya said...

Yesssss! I see it! I see it!
Betullah, my eye sight still ok, hahaha.

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee

That's what I do in the morning and evening. Spend time in the garden and enjoy the serene beauty. Even in the afternoon when its not too hot.

The white snow is beautiful too. I missed the first snow drops and the virgin snow on the ground. Hope to be touching the snow again soon...

Ydiana said...


I knew you would. Tell you a secret. At first, after downloading the picture, I also can't see it until a closer look. Ingatkan ada dissapearing act lak. Haha..

Snowflake said...

Waduh.. gw "telescope" brinjal loe.. dih... Kok dimakan sidia lagi.

Ridzzy said...


Have a happy holidays season and wishing you a great year ahead of you!


Ydiana said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Snow

Waduh, waduh, loe teleskop dari jauh boleh nampak, hebat dih! Brinjal tu belum berhasil lagi,tapi pokoknya terlebih tanam. By accident. Nanti kalau berhasil, gw kirim poslaju kat loe...hehehe

Ydiana said...

Hi Ridzzy

Thank you! Wisihing you Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years and for your family too.


p/s How' your slimy friend. Dah makan?

Ridzzy said...


Slimy is a misconception la. They look slimy but actually they are not; its the visual effect we get from the light reflective properties of its scales. They are actually as dry as our human skin, even drier as they dont sweat :)

And yes, depa dah makan hamster semalam.. hehe shouldnt have asked kan?

Ydiana said...


Haha...hope I didn't offend you. But thanks for the explaination. I've never touched any snake in my whole life, and insyaAllah never will. Not in my list of Want-to-do things. Haha..

No prob with the hamsters, as long as its not mine, be my guest. ;p