Monday, December 29, 2008

My Lemon Grass Had A Haircut....And More!

It was quite intimidating at first. And to some extent, quite intriguinging. I just don't know how to harvest my lemon grass. And it is growing like nobody's business.

So I remembered reading a book, entitled, I Can, You Can Too! by M. McCullough. I remembered a phrase she wrote, "if you don't know how to start, just start!", or something along that line. In other words, if you want to do something, and doesn't know how to do it, just do it anyway. Start doing something to get started. So, for someone who have a tendency to procastinate like me, that phrase really have an impact, everytime I get into a situation.

So I start googling again...(instead of just harvest them...haha!) Found some good sites and some information. Some even suggested that you should wear gloves and eye protector. Gloves, makes sense. The other day, when Chahya suggested to trim the lemongrass, first try, and I got a sharp blade cutting my fingers and some skin irritation on my arms.

So, my lemongrass had a haircut last weekend.

This morning, i 'braved' myself and get the gloves, the trimmer (yes, the one that cut the bug) and a spade. Hmmm...... they said, get a bulb at a time. If it's in clump, just pull it anyway. And I tried pulling and sepearting a bulb, but it moved a clump. I pulled it, and hey presto! I got a few twigs harvested! Finally!

Hey, that's not so bad! Quite easy, actually. Then you just need to clean it up a bit by removing the outer layers and cut off the top grass part.

My first lemongrass harvest! There's still a few stalks in the refrigerator from the supermarket. So, I guess I'd make the simplest recipe I have on lemongrass. Just steep a crushed bulb or fine cuts into a hot water and you get Lemongrass tea! Simply aromatic and delicious!

To read some of the great benefits of lemongrass tea, click here. The rest of the benefits, hey, just google it!


Chahya said...

Aaah, finally you did it. Nice haircut. A blade cut and skin irritation? Owh, you so fragile lah. Hope you are okay now.
Lemongrass tea is too exotic for me but hmm..interesting. Perhaps later when I'm a bit adventurous, I may try and develop the taste for it.

Ydiana said...

Hey Chahya

Hehe..they look much better now, the lemongrass. Well, the cuts was very minor, actually, and easily healed. Just make sure I have gloves on next time. ;)

Try the tea once, Chahya. You'll like it! Easy to prepeare, and if you don't like it, just don't make anymore... haha.

Eskapisminda said...

waaah! they look so fresh! serai organik :)

mine never even start...haih. one of these of these days...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ydiana, here's wishing you and family the best of Seasons greetings and a very happy new year.
May your garden blossom and bear you lots of sunshine, good health and laughter always,. Best regards, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Intan

Next time you buy serai, get extra 2-3 stalks. Rendam dalam gelas air and place by the window. In 2-3 days, the root will sprout and within less than a week you can transfer it to a pot. Very easy. :)

Ydiana said...

Hello Lee

Happy New Year and a Great 2009 to you and family. Thanks for the lovely wishes esp on the garden. :)
May you be blessed with great health and happiness, and keep writing your beautiful stories online.

Faisal Admar said...

it can prevent and cure cancer right? i got email about it and post it here.

i never try tea with lemon grass. i hope its not as bad as coffee with cinnamon :P

guess you like gardening? :)

Ydiana said...

Hello Faisal

Exactly, the same article I posted on my healthbiznbuz. :)

I haven't had coffee with cinnamon, so I can't compare to that. But the lemongrass with just hot water is just marvellous. There is no aftertaste or bitterness after preparing it for some time. You'll love it!

Faisal, I really love gardening now...for the last 6-7 months now. Its one of the things I looked forward to do evertime I woke up in the morning!