Monday, March 30, 2009

Apple Green Reward

Been thinking about it! Too long, I would say. What should I get?

At the moment, maidless, happy, tired, job satisfaction...haha! 1001 kind of mixed feelings.

I think I need to reward myself.

And looking at Mamafami's blog with lots of recipes give me enough excuse to end my long overdue decision and almost life long procastination.... it Kenwood, or KitcheAid??

The moments of truth! What is the outcome! Another one more series of decision-making research, friends and on-line......!! Here it comes!

Welcome to my kitchen!

The camera and lighting is not doing justice to this beauty. A nicer shade of apple green, my reward for working so hard these 2 months....haha!


After browsing online, this is the nearest color to my latest kitchen addition. Yummy color..!


Anya said...

What a lovely colorful kitchen stuf I like it very match :))
Have a lot fun with cooking today;)

Ydiana said...

Hello Anya!

Thanks! I haven't officiated it yet, maybe this weekend. Earlier, if I managed to shop the ingredients for the cheese bun soon.

Have a great week , Anya. See you tuesday! ;)