Monday, March 23, 2009

Virtual Chicken Pie Turns Reality!

I've said this before, and I'll say it again!

I just love the world of internet!! LOL!

Recently I visited MamaFami's blog and discovered a new recipe that I've been mentally trying to cook, but never did until then. (Mentally here means thinking, thinking, imagining, thinking again, but no action taken...haha). She got this recipe from McKantin, and added a few tips here and there. I linked their web address on their names. The result, a Yummy Chicken Pie, a reality! Haha..!

Filling :1 packet minced chicken (I use Ramli's ~ 340gm)
1 can mushroom soup (I use campbell)
300 gm mixed vegetable
300 gm onions, diced
2 tablespoonful of butter
2 tablespoon plain flour mix with 1/2 cup water
salt & white pepper
Method :- Heat butter in a pan & saute diced onions till soft.
- Add mince chicken, stir to break the lumps and all the chicken turns white.
- Stir in the mixed vegetable.
- In another bowl, mix mushroom soup with one cup water, stir until smooth.
- Pour mushroom soup mixture into the chicken, add more water if necessary.
- Add in flour that has been mixed with water. This is to thicken the filling.
- Cook at slow fire.
- Add salt & white pepper to taste.
Line chicken pie dish with pastry (I used the instant pharata)
Spoon in enough filling, cover the top with another piece of pastry.
Bake @ 160 deg C for about 30 mins or until done.

You can visit MamaFami and McKantin blog here for more recipes.


Anya said...

Thats looks greaaaaaaaaat :))
Honeyboon his eye over its all normall!!
Yes I had birthday 49 years :( thats not funny !!
But I feel younger

Ydiana said...

Hello Anya

Happy Birthday again! Age doesn't matter...its whether you are happy with your life and achievements regardless big or small! You feel younger because you are happy and love your life. Keep it up! :)))

MamaFaMi said...

Bila baca part 'mentally' tu yang nak gelak tu... jangan orang ingat 'otak mereng' sudahlah kan.. hehehe...

Anyway, your pies look big. Did you use the whole pharata for the base and another for the topping? Boleh juga macam tu. Only you'll get 2 big pies and no leftovers of the pastry. Bagus tu, tak membazir. Recently I made another chicken pie but this time I made the doh myself. It's crusty, it's yummy!!! Recipe to be posted soon (I hope!). Thanks for trying out this recipe ya Diana..

katztales said...

I looooove chicken pie! I make one with chicken chunks, fresh leeks and a very light milk/cheese roux sauce. Dump it in a piece of puff pastry and yummy :-)

Going to try your recipe next!

Ydiana said...

Hi MamaFami

Hehe...sebab tu lah kena specify 'mentally' part tu.

Pastri tu, I potong 2 untuk base, potong 4 untuk topping. Haha..nampaknya berbaloi. Tarik pelan2, dan kalau tak cukup, tampal2 macam!

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz

This is my first try ever and I think its pretty good and easy and yummy too! I highly recommend that you try it! I will also try to puff pastry next time! :)

An-Nimr said...

hai Ydiana, kalau anak i tgk kucing you...sure i kene torture and paksa boli kucing!

Ydiana said...


Adopt kat SPCA lah. Kalau sekor je sure tak de masalah. Cats are good for kids...