Friday, April 24, 2009

Its easier to let go....But!

Laksa Mint Plant - June 08

Sometimes, its easier to just let go...

But I somehow just can't. Its too special, even though it doesn't look any sepcial. I still love it. I want it to grow. I want it nourished. Its a challenge.

Three weeks ago, a dear elderly lady gave me a plant. An herb. I already have it in my garden, in bushes. (Pic above) And I also have another potful. There is plenty. Too much for my own personal use. But I like this one.

When I got it, the leaves are big and healthy. Mine, maybe because of abundance, is getting smaller. I want it to be big, but I procastinate in nourishing it with fertilisers. I still am... .. Soon...!

I was happy to receive it. I place the pot in my frontyard, under the palm tree. I intend to find a better place for it and maintain its beautiful healthy state. Because its a gift.

Its not a new plant, I gathered. There are old twigs, and new branches sprouted from it. Sentimental value. So the challenge level is increasing.

However, last week, it was dying! Oh my gosh! I must have been neglecting it!

So during the weekened, I made a resolutuion to save the plant. I cut off the dying twigs, and leave those with some green leaves on. Then I took off the dired leaves from the remaining twigs. Next, pick off the weeds that is sprouting all over in the pot.

Water it well, morning and evening, or at least once a day. On hot days, towards evning, the plant is wilting, so another dash of watering needed. Spray it with organic food plant once.

I am happy today that the plant looked lively again! It wasn't as bushy as I first got it, but it looks life there's some life to it, again. New twigs are sprouting, the leaves greening, the stalks stand tall and strong. Align Center

Align LeftMy laksa mint plant.
With continous care, this will go back to its healthy bushy state better than when I received it!

Just like the hamsters and the turtles story. Two weeks ago, James the turtle looked weak. He's not been eating and growing, as compared to Colby. Sad to say, he died a few days later...

Colby, alone...

Then Almond the Hamster seemed to be following the same pattern. Weak and motionless. We were so worried. He looked like he's leaving us anytime now. But I am not giving up hope. Prayers and positive thoughts at this time, is the best answer. Visualisation that he will soon be climbing up the trail and play with the rolling wheels again. And to our delight, the next day, he started moving around, still weak. And the next day, he's back to his old self and climbed up the trail and started rolling on the wheels! He's back to his normal self!

Almond in the 'bathroom'!


Anya said...

Yes the plant still alive :))))
Its always strangs with plants !!
I go now make shots from my plants in de garden.
Not always Cats on our blogs LOL
Have a great day :)

Anya said...

I forgot the hamster HEHE
He looks so cute that little one :))
Gif him a little hug ;)

Ydiana said...

Hi Anya

The hamsters are adorable! They can be meek, yet they are also friendly and lovey dovey! They hug you back! :)

Must see what you have in your garden. Do post pictures!