Sunday, April 12, 2009

World's Best Cat Mom Award

Wow! How do I start this? Let's see.....

Kareltje...., and you too Anya! I am so honoured to receive this award. You guys are so sweet!

My loves for cats started way back when I was a child. I practically grew up with cats around me. I don't remember my mom being a cat enthusiast, but I am pretty sure she was just kind enough to adopt visiting cats that in turn become permanent resident aka part of the family. In particular, my favorite was Peter and John. Once we had some visitor with two young boys who played with Peter and John. I somehow heard the adult conversation that these two loonies also loves cats and my aunt suggested that they can have them. I didn't wait any seconds longer....! I practically 'grabbed' my cats under their noses (hahah!) and took them to my room and locked the door until these people leaves. I survived a few generations of cats after that...

When I was in college, in a hostel, I adopted a female cat and we called her 'Gumiaow'. She was so adorable. She gave birth to 5 kittens and I was so estatic. I kept them in the store room and everyday I would take them to my room and play with them and Gumiaow. I really doted on them. However, one day, when I got home from class, my hostel mates was just looking at me, not saying a word. They didn't know how to break the bad news to me. The kittens were all eaten-up by the Tom cat! I cried so hard for more than two hours...! The minute I saw the Tom cat, I chased him out of the building with a broom and teary eyed. I was really 'violent' with 'murder' in!

In the US as a student, my roomate and I illegally adopted a cat when we saw an advertisement for 'free kittens'. We were staying in a student apartment block where pets are not allowed. So we sneaked 'Titanic' in and secretly raised him to be a handsome tom cat. Titanic loves to race me to the bathroom. He prefers to do his 'thing' first before I shower. The only problem was his poo was really stinky for a few minutes that I had to wait before I can go in the bath. And he would only do it after I wake up, and no sooner. So we always raced to the bathroom. Sometimes I win, and he will scratch the door from outside. But when he wins, which is most of the time, because he runs faster, he would then come out with a smirk on his face, telling me, haha... you lose! One day, I tricked him by quietly sneaking out of the room while he still asleep, thinking I can get the the bath first. So the first time, I win. He scratched the door. But on the second day, he got smarter. I sneaked out again, quietly not waking him up, but upon reaching the bath door, he realised I was up and quickly ran into the bath before I can close it...ggggrrrr! That goes on until the day we parted when I graduated and went home. My remaining friends took care of him.... :(

There are other cats! But too many to be telling about them all here. Maybe next time. But then again, you will be hearing about my Oreo, Minty and Honeybun adventures and misadventures and funny stuff for now.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my furball friends, namely Peter and John, Gumiaow, Titanic, Sheera, Miki, Smokey, Candy, Toffee, Pepsi, Muffin, and all the rest, some are nameless, some I forgot the names (but too few to mention...). Most of them were no longer around, except for Sheera and Toffee, which I have no idea of their whereabouts since they never come back. You are dearly missed, but your memories will stay in my heart...

Also not to forget my dearies who are here that light up my life, Oreo, Minty and Honeybun. You guys are so special to me, and in different ways, but I love you all the same.

To Anya and Kareltje, thank you so much for this award. You are such a sweet with loving hearts and caring soul, and I would like to also award you with this very same World Cat Mom award. Yes, you are also a receipient! Thanks again, dears! :)

Edited: Hello Friends.
I just realised that I can actually award this Cat's Best Mom Award to a few other friends and spread the joy and fun further!!

1. Gattina
2. Katztales
3. Julie
4. Mo
5. Tricia
6. Luna
7. Catsynth
8. Snowflake
9. Obsidian Kitten
10. And any cat moms who happen to drop by!

Have fun furriends!


Anya said...

THANKS THANKS for your OWwwwwwww so sweet words, I don't now wath to say :)
Thank you for the nice story about your live with CATS and yourself ;)
Thank you for the award LOL
Have a great weekend puurrsss en hugs Kareltje @ ANYA :))))))))

Gattina said...

Congratulations to your award ! My god you had a lot of cats ! As mine live for 20 years I only had 4 during 40 years plus now 5 !

katztales said...

Congrats on the award. You've had a lot of cats! Our live very long lives and we neuter at 6 months to stop kitten explosions so we've had less than a dozen. But they're all loved!

Eskapisminda said...

You are really a Catwoman (the rubber wearing hehe)! The cat loves u! Seriously. I can never in my wildest imagination think of a cat who are able to race to bathroom every morning (and understand the stakes too!) He is one super smart cat. And you have so many. I'm sure all the cats will pray for your 9 lives (aka long live). Kudos for the award!! You deserved it 100%! :)

Gattina said...

I hadn't seen that you gave this cute award to me ! Thank you so much !!

Julie said...

Congrats on the award and thanks so much for passing it on to me! I lol at the stories you told about your cats over the years. :)

Mo said...

You sure had (have) some wonderful names for your kitties! And, I luv your story about Titanic!

Thanks so much for thinkin' of me for this award..

Ydiana said...


You're most welcome, dear! :))

Ydiana said...


Yes I edited after your first visit. I forgotten to put it earlier. :p My pleasure!

Wow, you cats has long lives! Some of my cats lives very long esp during my chilhood years. Others are sort of short because I don't permanently stay at a place for long, eg. student days.

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz

Great idea to neuter them. Otherwise they will be breeding like nobody's business...haha!

Ydiana said...

Hi Intan

Thanks! Titanic was one very smart cat, indeed! I'll never forget racing to the bathroom with him... :) I can still remember his face and expressions until today. Pastu suka tidor kat kaki i lagi...rindunya!!

Ydiana said...

Hi Julie

Its my pleasure. I can sometimes laugh or smile when I remember my kitties, and sometimes feels teary when I missed them! Imagine if I can have all of them now....naaah! Too many to!

Ydiana said...

Hello Mo

I also didn't plan to tell all these stories. Somehow when Anya writing this entry about the award, I just remembered them and start yaking-yakiting it here. Glad you enjoyed it!

I didn't mentioned I almost won one time when I almost stumbled upon a chair and lose instead! He can stop in front of the bath door, looked at me and slowly walk inside, still looking at me... lol

Obsidian Kitten said...

Such great stories. I too have always loved cats, since I was littler than I can remember. They are my kindred spirits I believe!

That is so funny about racing Titan to the bathroom in the morning!

Ydiana said...

Hehe...glad you enjoyed the cat stories. I have other stories.. I'll tell one at a time. :)