Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Papaya Vs Pineapple

As I shop around for my grocery of the week, I stop by at the fruit and vegetable section and grab one pineapple for and 3 solo papayas for my alkaline supply. Wow, the price of these local fruits are not cheap anymore. I always assumed that they're reasonably priced until I make a point to actually read the price tag. That's why all the more reason why we should try to grow a plant or two in our backyard. I am planting these 2 fruits now, and hopefully in no time, I can reap the 'fruit' of my labour and enjoy the great taste anytime you want all year round.

The pineapple, however is not as convenient to grow. One, it took longer times to bear fruits, between 1-2 years (!!) and secondly, it bears fruit one at a time. So, at the moment, I am only planting one pineapple as a trial project, or hobby, whatver!

The second picture shows (if you can see) some roots sprouting from the pineapple crown. I think it takes almost one months to get to these stage. I plan to plant it infront of my house as a decor plant.

The papaya, on the other hand, is more viable. You can have a tree and they can bear numerous fruits for you. You can find some benefits of the papaya in my posting here.

As you can see, the papaya plants is growing healthily in the nursery pot. That batch is about 1 and half month old. I am yet to find out when I should start planting it on the ground, and the exact location in my backyard.


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Wah! Like this one, can we bloggers dare hope you'll call us for a fruit party? ;)

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Hee hee...depends. And first, we need to make sure that my papaya trees will grow nicely and bear fruits. We'll see.

Faisal Admar said...

i love fruits and if i have a backyard i will plant some fruits too. but its hard to take care of them right?

Ydiana said...

Hello Faisal

I suppose it shouldn't be that hard to care for your fruit trees, provided you did some research first. For example, at one time, I didn't even know how to grow pineapples...sooo pitifully ignorant. Hahaha..

On the other hand, once you have started planting your trees, just make sure you water them enough, nourish them with the right fertiliser and maybe take care of destroying insects. That's all. I'm still learning myself.

And if you don't have a backyard, how about planting them in big pots? Should be a good start. :)