Monday, August 18, 2008

Battle of the Greens ..... and Life

It's going to be a cool day, with a rainy monday morning today. With this kind of weather, I don't even need to switch on the fan. Just let in the fresh air from the open doors and windows. I am actually taking a rest after a hectic weekend and especially yesterday where I spent the whole day visiting relatives at two different hospitals down south and here in PJ.

Early in the morning we made our way down the NSE about 2 hours plus drive. My aunty who is already quite elderly was admitted as she could not get up and refuse any food. Thus they had her on drip, and latest news I heard this morning is that she has cancer in her lungs and critically on 50/50 for recovery. At her age, the specialist said that it is spreading fast to her other part of the body.

I remembered this lady, all her life, if I look back, is sad. But somehow she managed to stay cheerful on most occassion and worked very hard to support her life and her only son. She was seperated from her husband long before when he went back to Sumatera, and has been on her own for a long time before one day, about 20 years back, she was match-maked with an old divorcee. However, she had been so used to being single, that she couldn't cope with married life and they got a divorce after one year. From then on she went on her usual life and various ways to find an income. She stayed with my parents until both of them passed away, and she continues living in our home till now. Her son passed away a few years back.

She has been part of our family eversince I can remember and has been very helpful in many ways that she can. I am so indebted to her for her continuos and tireless service to our family when she was an able person. The only thing I can do for her now is to make sure that she has a comfortable life and provide her with the medical attention she needed now. Dare I hope for her cure? Only Allah knows.

On the way back, we stopped by at a nursery to check some plants for my garden. I was flipping through a magazine I bought a few weeks back on the way, and got a few ideas on how I could further enhance my garden. I also noticed that my cyber friend, CakapAje's brother was featured in that magazine. Haha....small world. Back to the nursery, we figured it must be cheaper there, and since our car is empty, we can buy some plants to bring back. And true enough, the price is easily 50% less than Sungai Buluh. I bought 2 big helliconias with big wide leaves, 4 kannas, a few bag of soil and a herbal plant said to be good for diabetics and high blood.

The new batch of plants waiting to be 'grounded'.

And this morning, surveying my greens, as usual I will be on my rounds looking for weeds amongst my grass. It is my daily routine to pull out these weeds especially on the older (recycled) grass at the back. My front yard, with the new set of grass doesn't have much weeds growing. So every morning, or late evenings, I will pull out a handful or two of these weeds. I figured it would be sometime before all the weeds are gone. If they are too small to be pulled out, I'll let them grow until I can easily pull it next time. Hahaha...

The recycled grass.

This weed looks healthy and beautiful when 'young' but once it grows big, it will dominate the ground around it with big spiral leaves.

I'm not a good cameraman, but if you can see there are actually 3 different weeds in this picture.

And apparently, there are areas that is forgotten. My front compound. Hee hee....


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

As I write this, I'm being serenaded by a beauty on her piano. Hmm...she's good and getting better, you know! Like this one, that cakapaje guy who only knows how to cakap aje, will not be able to give comments anymore there...malu woh!

Anyway, Emi's in another magazine? Hmm...he promised the next will have me in the pictures as well. Wait till I call him... Nah, he never promised, just made that up.

Oh! How rude of me, my apologies about your aunt. Allah knows best.

Next when you go green shopping, try to buy Daun Hempedu Ular or Hempedu Bumi. Its said to be the best around for high blood. But, don't ever chew it. Instead, soak it in a small glass of hot water for an hour or so before drinking. It, is the most bitterest of the bitterest plant I have ever tasted!

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

You are never ever short of praises and i can't help feeling flattered. But you know and I know, I do have a long way to go and a whole lot to learn, but as of now I'll take your compliments with a thanks. :)

You can check your brother's article and work at Laman Impian issues Jul-Aug08. This is my first time buying this magazine. He's quite good at landscaping.

I will look up this hempedu bumi, I've heard about it too. I'm also looking for Daun kaduk to prepare the Thai starter dish. Aloe vera next. :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Ydiana, looking at your pics, I think you have a fabulous home, and I love homes instead of bricks pakai stone.
By the way, why not get those grass fertllsers and sprinkle over your grass, then it will be very green.

You have orchids? Ada rambutan? Ha ha. Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee

Thanks, its just a 'homely' and cozy humble home. And my garden is very simple and practical, and I would add on as and when I have new ideas or new materials to work on.

Regarding the grass fertiliser, yes, I've done a few times. The new grass seems to take it very well, but the 'recycle' grass have slowly grow itself back to its healthy state. I called it recycle coz we dig it all out, place some top soil and sand underneath before placing it back. :)

Ydiana said...


Sorry I missed out the orchids and your favorite rambutan part...hehe
My late mother love orchids and at our home back then she had like 20X10 feet full of orchids with 3 levels of planks and a plant shade. Different types and colours. I like them too, but I guess they take up lots of care and work, but maybe later I'll try one or two plants to see if we are compatilble or not..hahaha.

Abut rambutans, I would love to plant one, but my friend warned me against it due to termite, but our friend Jaflam said it should be ok, provided its not a dead tree. Am still considering. I love rambutans too, and so is durian. But definitely cannot plan durians here. Oh, oh...I forgot about the kebun we have in Sepang. its fruiting season now but we haven't been going there for almost a year now. :(

U.Lee said...

Hi YDiana, my BIL in Singapore is a World authority on orchids and goes around the world judging orchid shows.
He spends a lot of time breed and cross breed them too.

Re rambutans...ya la, pergi chari the betul manis one and plant, few years your kids can climb and pluck for you, ha ha.
Hey, better go visit your kebun in Sepang...baeak bakul besar, ha ha collect the fruits, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee

Yeah I better do, one of these days soon. Don't know how much the caretaker must have really enjoyed the fruits. Haha..

Wow, your BIL must be an expert, but of course, lol. Great profession. :)