Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ignorant Tenants

It was ironic that I had to deal with some ignorant tenants over a Tenancy Agreement last night. I had to deal with bad attitude, lack of understanding on the subject matter, and even inferiority complex, maybe and ingratefulness. But I think mainly bad attitude.

They are a bunch of one brother and 2 sisters, which we had a soft spot on when they first wanted to move in even before we were ready to rent out. We let them rent our unit with a 2 weeks rental waived, with the condition for them to put up the curtain railing for the place, in view that we do not have much time to arrange for that. Earlier on we had arranged for the basic lightings and grill to be fixed, but haven't install the curtain railings yet as we didn't expect to rent it out too soon.

But when its time to move out, they took off the curtain railings with them, as if it was their property. That's the problem when the tenancy agreement is not drafted out properly.

They have not been a great paymaster either. Every now and then, they need to be reminded, and at one time even short-paid the amount without even informing us. If we didn't check, they might just get away with it. In the end they asked us to deduct from their deposit. Got road ka?

Two months prior to the end of the tenancy contract, we asked whether they are leaving or continuing? They wanted to stay until November'08. So no new tenancy agreemant is drafted since its only a few months extension and we thought we could trust them. Suddenly last week they informed us that they are leaving end of month, ie end July. I had just turned down a potential tenant for August two weeks earlier!!

Then upon checking at utility charges. Our records from the maintenance company shows that they've been late in payments and interests charged, and the last few months since January'08 bills had not been settled altogether. So I smsed them to settled those bills, and they replied its been settled. Really? Do they have the receipts? No? How come? They will check with the management office, but no update for us. Guess what my thoughts are?

Electricity bill is another issue. When I checked the mailbox, and there it was...'Notis Pemotongan Bekalan Elektrik'. Need I say more? And they have the cheek to ask when can they get their deposit back, or rather, how soon?

That's not all. Upon thorough inspection after they moved out, we found out the the second room door was broken. The lock was spoilt, the door and door frame broken. And they didn't even inform us when we came to collect the keys the night earlier. I confronted them about it and the deposit, and of course they were not too happy. They excused themselves saying it was a small thing, and had to do it because they lost the key. Hello!! If the key was lost, what was it that you returned to us in the bunch? They could always call the maintenance or us if they need the keys! Whatever it is, the door is damaged and that is not acceptable to me.

We mentioned about the curtain railings and the two weeks waived rental, and they had the nerve to say it was not in the agreement. Can you believe that? We gave them out of goodwill and hey, how much is the curtain railing costs, anyway? Very little compared to the half month rent! Now, its just so inconvenient for us to arrange someone to measure and install a new one. However, they decided to return it back just so that we will not deduct the deposit. And on top of that they didn't return one tiny mailbox key. But out of principle, and safety of future tenants, I requested that it be returned. They almost conveniently forget to hand out the car park acces card.

At this turn of event, lucky for us, inspite of the short notice given, we managed to get a new tenant as of yesterday. All the necessary rental and utility deposits, one month advance settled and the keys were handed out yesterday afternoon. So I chased the old tenants for the mailbox key and the railings they wanted to return. Made appointment for them to sent direct to the apartment. Seems to have settled, but no.... The second sister suddenly said since I have not paid them any deposit back, they want to hold the mailbox key and the railings. I don't know whether to laugh or scream. St#*@id id*@%t..! What's a mailbox key worth, and the railings...hah! I need to replace the door and door frame!

After some 'mind exchanging' last night at approximately 10 pm, they are to fix the door by temselves asap. By when? They claimed by today 7pm. Until now, they still haven't got an appointment for the contarctor to fix the door. I said they can fix it anytime today, just let me know and I'll bring the keys over, of course after informing the new tenants. In fact we are also arranging for someone to install the air conditioner and water heater this afternoon. The sooner its fixed, the sooner they will get back their deposits, minus the short rental payment and unpaid utility bills.

My question is, where's the carpenter they so arrogantly claimed can do the job fast? By 7.00 pm tonight?

I'm still waiting....!


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

An irritating affair you've had, I agree. But, sabaq, sabaq! That would be the key to your getting over the matter, insyAllah. Why?

Well, for one thing, when you act cool-headed but firm, most people become more intimidated. Bu showing your fury, they in turn would react negatively.

Asses the total damages, then figure out whether its worth to pursue it. Above all, keep your papers and if you can, take pictures of the place as proof for later period, should it ever arise.
There is, the minor courts should you ever need them - tribunal pengguna.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

I never thought anyone would read this entry. Long and boring...just need to let out. Hahaha..

I'm actually updating, but since you're here first, they get their elder sister to call me and ask for another day extension. Now I suppose she understand why I can't get the quotation or repair fast enough, esp. thru weekends.

I supposed they can take their time needed to fix it, I won't need to rush them. Just be patient for the deposit balance.

Thanks for 'listening' and the advise. :)