Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Minty's Adventures Part II

It's getting cold out here. The breeze is getting chilly. But I can see the beautiful full moon. And I hear Mommy singing me a lullaby. Thanks for the song, Mommy. I know you're crying. And I can hear you....

'Somewhere, out there,
If Love can see us through....
Then we'll be together...
Somewhere out there,
Out where dreams, come true..!

Another morning breeze. Its refreshingly cool. It should be okay if I stay here! There's plenty of food....all I have to do is to catch it! (Eeewwww..!!) There are friends....fellow furry friend, big and small. I can run around here and there everyday. I don't need to do my duty call when Mommys sent me back to my 'apartment' at home. I'm free! Totally free!

But wait, there will be no Mommy to comb my hair. I don't like the routine bath, too, but its not too bad. Only once a while when I get too dirty. No Mommy calling me for food! No herbal garden for me to jump around...No cheery 'Good Morning Dearies' for me and Oreo every morning...

Oreo? My father? I wonder why... He doesn't like me anymore. He'll always put up a fight with me. We were not like this. I just don't understand why? But I missed him, too! But Mommy always managed to stop him and keep us from scratching our eyes out. Maybe its better if I stay here, and Oreo will get the house to himself.... Naaah! I'm headin' home, no matter what!

The only problem is, where do I head? No, don't say problem! Say 'Challenge'! Its a challenge to get home, and I will find it. Imagine, visualize...."Mommy..., I'm home...!"

Well, there some houses over the hill. Let' see...

Nope, this one's not mine. But the human is nice. They gave me food and water. Biscuits, at last! Niiiiccee..! Well, I am tired. Maybe I'll take a nap here for a while. ZZzzzzzz... But no, don't you came near me! No, No! Get your hands off me! Time to go! Thanks for the food!!

Well, how many moons has it been now? I see the moon five times alraedy. Yikes!! 5 days away from home? Mommy must be worried sick!

Hey...what's that I hear in the distance? Is it rain? No. Its very bright here. Sounds like water. Yes, water flowing! Is it a river? Mommy's house is by a stream, a few meters away! Beside that tall fence and thick bushes and tree across the other end. Hey, if I follow the stream, maybe I will find my house? Will I? Well, what have I got to lose...I'm lost anyway..lol!

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream..
Well, mine is no boat, just my four furry legs..haha!

(Readers, friends please bear with me, k. I can't help it..lol!)

Its getting nearer! I can feel it. Its also getting dark again. Oh no! Never mind. I'll take a rest here under the tree. Its raining? Oooh...what's another rainy night. I'm so used to it already! Once I'm home, I'll never be wet again.

Great morning fellow furry friends! I'm going to be home today! Wish me luck!

Now, let's see! Doesn't this place looked familiar? It is! I was here before when Mommy let me out to play! Hey, that's the river bank I used to hang out at! I'm home! Am I?

I am? Look at that familiar trees! And the shady street! My house is oh so near already! Now, there it is! There it is!

Oh..I am so excited! Mom must be very happy to see me! Oh, I missed her so! Ahah.. the door is open!

Mommy...! (Meeoow....meeooww....meeooww!)

Minty? Minty? Is that you? You're not a ghost, aren't you? Is it really you??!!

Mommy...! I am so happy and excited! Oh, I missed home. Home, at last!

But...what's that furry orange little thing doing there? What is it?? What is it doing here??

To be continued....again!


katztales said...

Lucky Minty found her way home. Scoop was lost once for 24 hours: I found him two streets away at our house number just the wrong lane! After that he didn't go very far. Au stays close by and target goes no further than the house across the road.

Luna said...

Oh Minty, you found your way home, finally! Your mom is so happy!
Love to read the story!
I´ll come again to read more :o)

Happy Tuesday!

PS: Love to read your delicious receipes . Maybe I´ll try the sardine rolls too.

A Friend said...


When I bookmarked your Piano By Ear, I didn't realise you have a few other blogs. I'm reading this one now.

I hate to admit it, but I feel a lump in my throat reading Minty's story Part 1 and 2. Looking forward to 'find out' the little orange thing Minty saw.

Anya said...

I cant hear you singing hahahaha........
Minty your Mom is HAPPY :)
We love happy people!!
Purss hugs
Kareltje & Anya

Pam said...

I am glad that Minty foudn her way home!

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz

I've never seen Scoop before? Is he still around? He probably know the distance of the house except its on the wrong lane. Lusckily you found him. I've lost 2 other cats who never found their way home, most probably 'adopted' by other families. Hope for the best!

Ydiana said...

Hello Luna

Yes, I managed to find my way home 2.5 km away. You know, we cats have strong senses...haha!


Stef...you're most welcome to try the recipes. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Ydiana said...

Hello Friend

Welcome to my other blog...lol! Glad you enjoyed Minty's story. Stay tuned for part 3!

Ydiana said...

Anya & Kareltje

Yes...happy, happy, happy! That's the secret to a happier life, isn't it! :))

Ydiana said...

Hi Pam

Thanks! Its a happy ending story, with suspense after that! Stay tuned!