Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"My (mis)Adventures...'' by Minty

I'll never forget it. The day I got lost...

About almost a year before, Mommy sent me to the vet for grooming. I don't know why, Iam already so handsome! I can always wash myself clean. She can save the money to buy more food and toys for me, but....she still sent me there. She just came back from a vacation, so she assumed I have been naughty and dirty and decided I needed a thorough wash.

She took me to a neighboring vet that had just been operating for less than 2 months. I never like the vets, or their assistants for that matter. Oh well...

She reminded me to be good just before she left. Ok, ok..... She'll come back late in the afternoon to fetch me home. Oh...hurry up, Mommy!

Then the assistants started to do the job. I really, really didn't like it. I hated how they handled me. What, they think I'm just another furry things to be washed, like a car? Hey,....easy, easy! I hissed at them. Where's Mommy?

eewww...what shampoo are they using? Smells like medicine! Get away there! Oh no, wet time!

They opened the door! Hey, I can get out through the window! I think its not too high for me to climb! Its still morning and I hate to wait for a few hours more here. I'm outta here.....bye bye humans! Don't miss me...I'm going home!

One of them tried to grab me, so I scratched them. And what do you know, the next thing I know is the sunlight from the back alley. I'm free!! Now lets find my way home!

Let's see, there's a few houses not to far from here... Which way should I take? Across there's a busy street. Behind are the hills. Lets head for the houses.

Nope, doesn't look like my house..! Doesn't smell right. Move on!

Oh no, where am I? Oh dear! I am lost, and hungry....! And its getting dark.! Mommy...!!!

Maybe I can sleep here under the shade for tonight? Hope the home owner doesn't mind, Its only for one night..! I'm sure I will find my house tomorrow. Hope Mommy is not too worried about me. I am okay.... I think!

Aha...daylight! Lets see..which way should I take today! Its gonna be a great day. Affirmations! I am happy, healthy, handsome, and grateful! I will find my house soon!

Houses, houses, and more houses... Nope, nope, nope, not my house! Hey there a few kitties, here too. But not my house. Where's Oreo? I miss him already...ooops... did I really say that? WHERE IS MY HOUSE...??!

It must be across the street, then. Whoa! So many cars? I just have to dash it! Hey, I made it! And I am still alive! Now, lets head on.

Not my house, not my house, no, no, no! Mommy! Oreo! Where are you? Where am I?

Maybe its beside the forest? Hey, its cool in here! So many trees! And Birdieees! Gothca! Hey, its fun playing with real birdies!

Its getting dark again. Looks like I had to find shelter here under the trees. Whoa, there so many animals out here. Don't you all have humans at all? No? You don't like them? Well, I love mine, and I am looking for her!

Is that food? No biscuit? No fish from the can? I suppose this will do. Yikes! I'll just take a little... .thank you!

Its cool and breezy here.. I wonder what Mom is doing now? Hey, did I just imagine it or did I hear her singing 'Somewhere Out There'? Did I hear her cry? No, Mommy, please don't cry..! I am ok!

Don't worry Mommy! I'll find my way home. Soon... good night!

To be continued....!


katztales said...

What a careless vet! Glad Minty made it home - and curious to read how :-)

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz!
The vet was out when it happened, it was the assistance. The vet/pet shop closed for business one month later, and for what resaon I don't know.

Every occurance has a silver lining. Yes, Minty made it home, but I also have another surprise!!

Gattina said...

That vet should be locked away ! what a terrible story ! I think I would have strangled him ! I have to go with Kim to a cat and dog "hairdresser" there she gets brushed and all knots taken out. She has long hairs and it's impossible to brush her. Over here cats are never bathed because it takes the skin protection away. Only dogs are bathed once in a while.
I am so glad that Minty got home again !

Ydiana said...

Hi Gattina

I feel like strangling the assistants when they called me on the phone and when I got there as fast as I could. The vet was out. We looked for him at the back alleys but he was nowhere to be seen.

But the vet had to pay dearly!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness I would have been upset too! Reminds me of my dad's story of when he took the dog to the groomer and when he came to pick him up they said he fell off the table and died! When dad went to collect the dog it turned out not to be his! Gave him quite a scare, though. Can't wait to read the happy ending. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh no, what a terrible thing to happen at the vets. I agree with the previous comments...I would be soooo angry. Anyway I'm so glad you have Minty back again.

Ydiana said...

Hi Julie

Oh...that's awful for them to make such mistake! Imagine the drama they caused? And pity the real owner too.

Yes, we have a beautiful happy ending. Stay tuned for next week!

Ydiana said...

Hi Puss in Boots

I was really upset and crying at the vet! They did apologised so many times, but that cannot replace Minty. They should actually quickly go the back alley and plan how to get him back before he runs further.

With unprofessional assistants, the vet had to close down a few months down the raod. They also had to fork put about USD 350 for the loss...

Anya said...

What a story ;)
Kareltje don't like the Vet hihi..

Thanks for your sweet words, Kareltje has eating my ham from my sandwich hahaha...., he must now eat cat food and drink water!!
Its going better with him :)

I'am happy everything is now oke with Minty ^___^

catsynth said...

That is very scary - even just reading and knowing that it turned out OK, I get anxious reading it.

That was quite irresponsible by the vet and assistants. The vets I have gone to usually have a ritual about the doors, almost like an airlock.

Pam said...

How awful. I can't believe that the assistants could lose your cat!
Didn't they even try to catch her?
I'm glad she made it home safely.

BTW, that is fennel in my herb garden. I keep planting dill but it never survives the winter. The fennel always comes back. : )

Luna said...

Oh, no what a awful story. Poor Minty. Glad that he finally is home but we are exciting to read how !
We never bath our cats here. Luna gets brushed to clean the fur and the shorthair cat can do this by themself. If they are very dirty I help a little with a brush or with a dump cloth.

Ydiana said...

Hi Anya

Glad Kareltje is ok now! :) Take care!

Ydiana said...

Hello Catsynth

Hahaha...the version by Minty story is really my imagination of what could have been happening to him. He was loost in total 6 days!
Yes, the vets should very, very careful about doors when dealing with people's pets!

Ydiana said...

Heloo Pam

That's what I was angry about! They should take extra effort to find him rather than wait in the office. They said they tried, but couldn't find him. Probably just an excuse.

So it was fennel. The same goes with my basil, it keeps coming back, but I'm not complaining! :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Stefanie

It was really sad, when Minty got lost, but thankfully he did get home safe and sound. It was almost miraculous! You'll hear the story soon.

Yes, I understand that n colder climate, the cats can't be bathed to avoid skin irritation. Different case in tropical areas.