Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 Years Younger, Anyone?

I normally put a link like this to my Healthbiznbuzz blog or Beautiful Skin blog, but today, I intentionally put it here because I have an interesting story to share.

The weekend before last, someone remarked that I have a reason to smile for a whole week. In fact, I have been smiling until now, but not for that 'reason'. Just the fact that I am basically a happy person, or some people described me as 'happy-go-lucky' person. Of course I do have my share of bad days and sorrow, but most of the time I choose to forget it and get on with life. Life is too short to mourn for too long.

My brother in law just bought himself a new weighing machine because he is now into golf. Well, excercise,... you know... Well,what's the big deal? This weighing machine has a BMI indicator, and an additional feature that tells you your 'real age' based on your age, height, weight and BMI. Real age here, in layman terms, means where your whole body system is, in terms of health.

Well, guess what! I scored ........ not gonna announce my age here. Hahaha..... But my score is well below 13 years of my real 'real age'.

Well, it wasn't a suprise for me, compared to everyone there! The result caused a small racket amongst them, but I just smiled knowingly. Not to brag here, but if any of them notice, which I doubt, that I have been into healthcare, positive thinking and exercise for quite sometime now. I have, once in a while, gave tips and information about the subject, but I suppose its not important enough for them to take them seriously.

For example, all of us (most, if not all) love to indulge in food, and most of the time, its not a healthy solution for our waist line and more importantly, heart. We can, once in a while, do, but also when we do it a bit too often, like Raya time, then we need to take supplements to ease off the heavy stuff like fats ansd cholestrol. I normally take a Carbohydrate Blocker, then Lecithin E and Beta Carotene to address this. Daily multivitamins is a must. I do miss taking them sometimes, but will make a point to really do it after that.

Exercise, most of us are guilty of not doing it, including moi. But lately I have seriously look into it. Still not enough, but getting there...!

And heres a link I got from an e-mail subscription on Health issues and I post it here for your reading plesure and knowledge. You can even subscribe to them yourself, if you'd like to get health updates. Real Age.

How to Be 10 Years Younger

Nope, it's not a time machine you need if you want to be a decade younger. It's a treadmill. Or a bike. Or just a good pair of sneakers.

That's right. The most physically active folks in a recent study showed signs of being as much as 10 years younger on a cellular level.

Go Long on Protection

How does exercise do that? By keeping your telomeres long and healthy. What on earth are those, you ask? Simple. They're like the plastic tips on shoelaces. But in your body, they cap the ends of the DNA strands (chromosomes) in all your cells. Over time, your telomeres can shorten to the point where cells stop regenerating, and even die (think accelerated aging). Shortened telomeres also leave your chromosomes vulnerable to the kind of damage that may trigger diseases such as cancer.

YOU Tip: Protect Your Shoelace Tips . . . Uh, Your Telomeres

Your chromosomes, those little rascals, have small substances on the ends called telomeres -- like those plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces. Every time a cell reproduces, the telomere gets a little shorter. Over time, once the protective covering on the tip wears away, your DNA shoelace begins to fray. The cell stops dividing and can no longer replenish your body. Each time a telomere retires, you age a little. So, get this: The telomeres of people who feel more stressed are almost 50% shorter than people who say they’re less stressed. Since scientists have a rough idea of what the average telomere length is for a specific age, they can estimate how much older the higher stress group is biologically: a whopping 9 to 17 years! You get the picture. Stress ages you. So cut your tiny telomeres some slack by cutting some for yourself. Practice daily
deep breathing and meditation, make stress management techniques part of your everyday life, and when you’re about to blow your lid, do this instead.

Here’s a list of a few more things you can do to keep your telomeres lovely and long:
Don’t smoke.
Keep your blood pressure under control.
Watch your waist.

Walk every day, and do our
YOU2 Workout, this chi-gong routine, or the 20-Minute Workout

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