Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Garden Adventures (?)

Its a beautiful Wednesday morning and as usual I would do my rounds of morning gardening. Today I made a point to really do something about my front compound, especially on the weeds. They are getting beyond control, so before it really reach that 'horror' stage, like it or not, I had to do the weeding off from that area.

And I discovered another 'horror'. There are insects eating my plants! I don't know whether it was a caterpillar or such, I haven't seen one yet. But I just have to do something about it. Right now I am still at unease as I am yet to find out which pesticide to use. Maybe later I will go to the hardware store and ask if they have any suggestion. Or maybe I will google after completing this entry.

Who's eating my Bunga Kantan Plant?

Then the third 'horror' decided to appear! I was weeding out at one area and I saw some small white pebbles in the soil. I thought it was my white stone decor pebbles and wonder why it was so small and who put it there? Then when I touched it, it was soft. They were eggs! God knows what eggs. Its about the size of a 10 cents coin. I got scared and immediately stop whatever I was doing. Don't want to bump with the 'eggs' mother', whatever it is, if you know what I mean?

Bad cameraman at work! There seven of these unknown eggs in the plastic container.

I asked my maid to scoop them up and put them in a plastic container. What to do next, God knows. Whaetever it is, I am not about to let any wild things breeds in front of my house!

On a happier note, in spite of all these, my pineapple plant is growing well! I have another pineapple crown soaked in a glass and already sprouting roots. Haven't decided whether to ground it or keep in as indoor plant.

And I just can't resist Honeybun's picture who just woke up from mommy's call!


Chahya said...

:O..The eggs...horror...what could 'it' be?...Letak belerang kt situ Ydiana.

Selamat berpuasa :)
Nnt raya boleh jumpa.

Ydiana said...

Heya Chahya

Yeah, I was afraid if it was snake too. But it could also be cicak or biawak...eeeeee!

Yes, Selamat Berpuasa and see ya Raya! :)