Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flowers Again!

The other day when I had my first flower arrangement done, I was yet to get the other set arranged because I missed out and short of a vase. And last week, made a point to buy the vase, and started arranging. Somehow it looked uncomplete to me, maybe because I see some empty gaps, so I decided to buy some filler flowers, like the tiny white little bunches. So, head out to the florist again during the weekend, and ended up buying a few more petals.

Naturally I have to buy a couple more vases to house the flowers.

Once I got the fillers, I continued to finish-up the arrangement. Somehow I still feel unsatisfied with the result. Maybe I should just take out the fillers and leave it as it is? Or maybe I need to rearrange it further and this time cut the stalks, instead of just bending it (shortcut..!!) to fit the vase and use the foam as professional florists do..hahaha.

Lillies, and Cala Lillies

Ok, the third arrangement. Going by the book this time, I have to use the foam. Cut the foam to size, and stuck the flowers in. Actually this is another shortcut job, as I did not buy loose petals, but two ready-made hand bouquets to stick in a vase. doesn't work and it looked weird. So, no choice but arranged it accordingly. Still doesn't looked right.

The attempt to 'copy' the hand bouquet.

So, out of desperation, I have to loose it out and try to arrange it using the book I bought. It doesn't have the selection that I wanted, but enough for me to follow some 'rules' and principles.

Pink Roses...sweet colour!

Haa.... Now the last one. Phew..!! This time like a pro, used the foam and cut the stalks. And again, using the same principles. You need to arrange the main flower first, then the secondary ones, and lastly the fillers and the leaves. In fact, (tell you a secret..!). The flowers I bought were an attempt to replicate the ready made bouquet at the shop which costs about Rm220. I chose the same or closest flowers available there and try remember the arrangements.

Initial result, it still looked weird. And I also cannot remember how the bouquet from the shop looked like. I had to gaze.....d it for about half an hour. It was nice, but lots of gaps, doesn't look full or complete. Doesn't make sense to buy more flowers for a medium small vase. Flipped through the book again. What was wrong? (Somehow I didn't read the book, just look at pictures and visuals..couldn't be that, right?) Aaahhh...then it struck me right in the nose. The stalks I cut were still too long. Haaah!

Patiently and obligingly I started to cut all the stalks one by one..again. My hands hurts as they're quite thick wires covered with plastic. In fact, I cut them all apart this time, and not leave them in bunches, which was another shortcut attempt. And finally, its done!

Well, I suppose all of them look decent enough, if not gorgeous! Once I'm up to it, I'll go back to the green vase and rearrange the lillies the way it should be...and no shortcuts!


U.Lee said...

Hi YDiana, I see you love pastel colours, huh? No strong reds or yellows?
Shows someone who is sentimental and passionate.
Ha ha. My own concoction.
Wow, you have hidden talents...boleh buka tuition school.
Love your roses last pic. It is an art....
Keep it up, Ydiana, happy Ramadan, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee

Yes I love other colours too but pastel is my favorite. And the ready made bouquets I bought are already having that strong colours, so I need to balance with the pastels..hahaha.

TQ. Hidden talent so deep, so difficult to unearth...haha!

cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

I'm not a flower man, but I do very much like the last decoration, its so...muah! :)

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

He must be the cherries, right! :)