Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brillante Award

So one day during a long weekend, I read a comment from a good cyber friend, Shah Cakapaje that he's giving me an award! Wow! This is my first online virtual award. I am touched!

If I have it my way, I would renominate him again, because I do feel that he does has a brilliant blog. He's also kind, funny, can count on him for encouragements, and among the few regular patrons to always say 'Hi' or rather, 'Salam' in the comments section of my entries. His postings are also very interesting and about life and like Cikgu KataTakNak said, very 'soul searching'. Anyway, this award is called BRILLANTE WEBLOG, and the rules are as below.

Brilliant Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design.The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogspere. Here are the rules to follow:

1.Put the logo on your blog

2.Add link to the person who awarded you

3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4.Add links to those blogs on yours

5.Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Well, the instruction is simple enough. My only qualm is, am I qualified enough to award this to anyone else? Like Shah mentioned, would my nominees take kindly to this? I suppose I wouldn't know until later. But to me, as long as I give it in full sincerity, it doesn't matter what the outcome is. I am awarding to these listed seven friends below because I love going to their blogs and read their minds and learn a thing or two at the same time. They are not in any particular order and so, here ......(drumroll please)....are the receipients!

1. U.Lee MoonlightNightStarySkies
My very very experienced cyber friend who has seen the world. He pens all his life experiences and romances and now whilst most of his friends spend time at coffee shops or 'vegetate', Lee spend his time in front of his powerful Apple iMac 24", somewhere in Torornto, Canada, relating back all the stories for us to enjoy. He also opted not to have any handphone, because he got no girlfriend to call now and I think he is out of this world! Lee is also very charming with words and really knows how to sweep a woman off her feet. His stories are very funny, yet wisdomful. Now, how can you beat that?

2. Cikgu Kata Tak Nak
I don't know how Cikgu is going to react to his award, but as long as he doesn't get his cane out, I'm alright. To me, he is a Big Shot blogger, and I am this tiny meeny newbie who loves his sense of humour, creativity, out spokenness and direct as well as indirect postings. He is so creative, he can make you laugh over matters that you are angry about. My humble award goes to you, Cikgu.

3. Me...Only Better
This fiery lady is really something else. She writes faster than I read! That is, when she is in the burning fiery mood, I would say. She is full of passion, very, very out spoken, and her big red letter words can sometimes really 'wake me up'. I love her writings because it is true and honest describing how she really feels and I can relate to her and her concerns most of the time.

4. Eskapisminda
Although very new to blogging world, this lady is very creative with words, and like her blog's name, it really describes her entries. Very mind boggling, mind escaping, hehe or mind escapades, rather. I think if she ever decide to become a writer, which she did mentioned she would love to, she can be a very good one. Excelante!

5. Jaffpoint
Ah... Dato Jaflam who very humbly asks us to call him by name. I'd rather call him DJ. DJ has travelled the world, being a mariner. And for someone who has seen the world, he has potrayed great views on life experiences, be it in life, corporate, politics, or simply his lovely garden.

6. Snowflake
A very myterious lady, who weaves a cloak around her web. She loves sharing her views on religious knowledge and hates politics. Must be the current Malaysian politics, I figured. I learn a thing or two from her blog and she is also an ardent cat lover. Love to ciplaq her cat photos, too.

7. Shirzad Lifeboat
Hey, I don't know when this guy will be online again. For all you know, he might only read this next year! Still, I feel he deserve this award because he is a Brilliant Writer, very creative. One needs to really ponder his writings to understand, very mind boggling. I really need to put a thinking cap when reading his blog.

There, I managed to find 7 online friends to give the award to, and this also goes to Shah Cakapaje, I thank you for this and your kind thoughts of my blogs. The other great thing about this, I feel, is like extending your appreciation to your friends and how they have impacted your Cyber Life.......! Let's have a great blogging days and years ahead!


Kata Tak Nak said...

I don't know what to say accept that I am honoured. I don't have 7 bloggers to nominate but I will nominate some. I think I'll keep the cane for today. Thanks again.

Me... Only Better said...

Dear YDiana,

Aiyo, the words you use to describe moi...hehe..i am honored got so many interesting blogs,moi got only one and being on mycen, sometimes my personal laundry also on air nationwide in one of my more "passionate" moments....warghhh...I wear my heart on my dahi, not sleeve...i am a rojak bloggerlah...your blog more refined...but thanks so much.

Dunno who to nominate...well, i have a few in exactly does this work?

U.Lee said...

Hello YDiana, terima kaseh seribu, no...make it tiga rubu, ha ha, for your very warm thoughts and gestures, and your walk on water compliments.
I appreciate it, very much.
Nasib baik you not facing me, tada tentu tengok my face blushing macham udang in warm ayer, ha ha.

YDiana, I believe in living life with no excuses, and love with no regrets.
Thank you.
You keep well and stay beautiful, best regards, and terima kaseh, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Cikgu

TQ for keeping the cane...and thanks for dropping by to accept your award. I've always enjoyed reading your blogs. :)

Ydiana said...

Hello Tehsin

Hehe..its ok to let the laundry out, as long as it makes you feel better. What are blogs for, anyway? Whatever you want it to be. I may have a few blogs and am wondering how I can minimize it now or where to put some borderline entry.

Ok, how it works. After linking me up to your blog, display the logo, then nominate 7 other receipients and don't forget to inform them to go to your blog to receive the award!

TQ for dropping by Tehsin!

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee

Most welcome, 3 ribu kali. :)

Lee, I truly mean what I said, its not just a compliment. My principle is to say what I mean, otherwise, I'll keep quiet.

Have a great weekend!

jaflam said...

Hai Ydiana,
Thank you for the kind word and nomination. How can i refuse when it comes from you the dancing fingers & cat lady. Well it’s always fun penning and scribbling our thoughts and views in the cyberspace despite sometimes only the moon and stars reading it hahaaaa. Have a great Ramadhan.

Ydiana said...


I am so honoured that you accepted the award. :) TQ!

Yes, blogging is fun isn't it? You get to voice whatever you want, except now to be a bit careful about seditions act and whatever they can come out with!