Monday, February 16, 2009

Cooking Herbs From My Kitchen Garden

Reading your friends blog can be inspirational. Correction. It is very inspirational. Like the other day I visited Chahya's blog with her 'Lazy Cooking' tips. So I went to my kitchen garden with a pair of kitchen scissors and cut some daun cekur, daun kunyit to make her signature dish udang gulai lemak cili api. The serai was harvested earlier last week and in desperate need to be used up fast. Fantastic!

And the result below. Dont know if it taste the same and as good as hers, but, I'll probably get some feedback after dinner tonight. By the way, while cooking, I realised that I am out of coconut milk. So it was substituted with the evaporated milk. Hahaha..... You can get the recipe from Chahya's blog here.
Then, another dish is a 'on-the-spot' recipe. It could be a combination of Blackpepper Chicken and Chicken in Soysauce, because it has both ingredients. The recipe:

Chicken (as much as you like, this one a quarter)
5 Shallots
2 Garlic
15 Fresh Basil Leaves
2 tps Blackpepper
5 tbspSoysauce
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 Potato
1 Tomato
1 cup Water

The portions are actually an estimation only as I normally throw-in the ingredients in without measuring them. Salt and sugar is not required as its already in the Soysauce and Oystersauce. But its up to your tastebuds.

The tomato used is the first harvest from my garden. Its still half red/yellow after one week plus after I plucked it. So the next batch, I will wait for it to rippen on the plant.

Ok, now the vegetable, I havent't cooked it yet. I most probably cut the kangkung from the garden too before it gets all yellowish.

And this is the Daun Kunyit (tumeric), Daun Cekur and Basil leaves I used for the dishes. Wish you could join me for dinner tonight!


katztales said...

And now I'm hungry! Off to eat McDs tonight. I'm a secret junk food addict! But the cats would prefer your chicken dish I think.

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz

So are most of us, junk food junkies! Haha... but once in a while we need healthy food too. My cats opts for their whiskas and royal canine anytime. :)