Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some Law of Attraction - An Observation

I write this without prejudice nor condemnation. I write from a general observation. I may be right, or I may be wrong. Therefore, if you are reading this, please read with an open heart, and a clear mind. This sharing is intended as a valuable lesson to all of us, including moi!

When one lives in a secured area, with gated and guarded 24 hour security, its easy to forget that even that do not ensure that you or your family will be saved from any harm. It could be a false sense of security feeling, as one also has to acknowledge that there are other stronger forces, be it from fellow human, or even greater intervention, our God Allah almighty. HE will determine whether to allow or dissallow any untoward incident to happen. Thus, we must always pray and wish for him for our safety and blessings...

A house was recently robbed at 4 am in the morning. The couple and their maid in the house was tied and the house ransacked. The robbers gets away with valueables, which at this point, I do not have any amount to report. Suffice to say that they managed to locate the jewelleries and escaped scoot free with the loot. And this house is located is a 24 hour guarded and gated security area.

I am feeling apprehensive over this matter. I am very sympathaetic to this couple, and I wish that neither my family nor any other family have to go throught this scarry incident. However, as someone who has been exposed on some little knowledge about the Law of Attraction, I would like to review this case. And I must insist that I do this without any prejudice to anyone, especially this victim couple.

This couple is known by the neighbourhood, to be newly married, less than a year. A second marriage for the husband. Wife, I don't know. But what saddened the community is, the way the first and ex-wife was treated before they end their happy marriage of 20 odd years.

The husband divorced the wife with 'talak 3' after a heated argument and sent her out of the house that very night with her clothes thrown out the door and a garbage bag to put the clothes in...not even a suitcase that they have lots of which are branded and expensive. Then he ordered the son to give her her wallet with whatever amount she had in there so she can get a cab to anywhere she wanted to go. She wasn't allowed to go through her neighbour's house, but was ordered to go the other way, where there are no other houses as theirs was a corner lot. And he let her go just like that...!

In fact, before the argument started, earlier that day he asked her to transfer her all ASB money into his bank account in the pretext of using it for a certain reason. After years of her taking care of his well being, growing up his children, preparing fresh chapatti almost everyday for more than 20 years!

Three weeks later, a new wife moved in to that very house. An affair secretly woven? Otherwise how do you explain a sudden marriage like that? And to think one of the reason the ex-wife was accussed of having an affair with a pakistani carpet salesman that she did business with???

A few months later, he wanted her her back. The ex-wife refused as they got divorced by talak 3, no way can they ger married again without a series of awkward arrangements. He claimed that he made a mistake and didn't understand the talak 3 concept. He even asked her to lie in court so they can be married again. The ex-wife refused and he got mad. She's unperturbed as she is more afraid of God than him or the court.

By advise of good friends, she started to look into her rights as his wife for 'harta sepencarian'. Since she was thrown out of the house litteraly without any means, now she is seeking legal actions to claim what is rightly hers. And the ex-husband, seeing that, tried to offer her with a compensation of Rm 270k to solve the matter and keep her mouth shut. Luckily this lady is not stupid. They have, in their 20 odd years together, accumulated assets of about RM 2-3 million. Why should she settle for less than 10% of the deal when she actually entitled to at least half of the amount.

That was 2 months ago. I haven't heard anything since then, until the day of the robbery.

In conclusion, while my heart goes to the ex-wife, I am not passing jugdements on this couple, except for some personal opinion which I will keep to myself at this juncture.

My point is, the robbery happended at a 24-hour guarded and gated housing area, which supposedly be safe and secured, but by will of God, it still happened, and to this very couple. There were probably, I said, 'probably' (and i may be wrong) a lot of negative vibes hanging around which attracted and invited some other negatives vibes in. And the stollen jewelry, were probably belonged to the ex-wife.... or not!

Other possibly negative input, the house was put on sale recently and is probably sold by now. And he admittedly and purposely did not pay the instalments since last year for this intended reason.

Some may ask, should he sue the security company? Well, for the record, he has not been paying the security fee for the last 3 months!


Eskapisminda said...

Yikes, that's a strong attraction to negative vibes! Nauzubillah. Kesiannya the ex-wife. Sampai begitu sekali dia diperlakukan. Sakit hati I baca..

p.s. i mailed u a 'job'. If u are interested to do :)

katztales said...

So we all get what we deserve? That's dangerous thinking! That would mean that little kids who are battered have done something to deserve it, that women who are raped have done something to deserve it... see where I'm going here? Your neighbour sounds a right bastard but I don't think any outside agency is gunning for him. Also, too many bad people out there have a wonderful life! You cat blogging this week? meow to the fuzzies!

Ydiana said...

Hi Intan

I have reasonably seen a number of cases where it happens, even my own personal experience, when the negative vibes plays into action. That's why to the best that I can, selagi I sedar, I will try to avoid.... but as a normal human being...tau2 je lah.

A job? Wow. I'll take a peek shortly! :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Katz!

You bet, I am playing this week! :)

How should I word this out? In some cases, yes, we deserve what we do, but not all the time. Sometimes, something just happen the way it does, but what is more important is how we react to it.

Women may get raped out of somebady's bad intention and action. In most cases, she is the innocent victim, but some women may be too afraid that it will happen, so it happens. That was just one example. Because she wanted to avoid it so much, she kept thinking about it. That very thought which is negative invites the negative result for her. Its a very complex way things to explain.

In cases of innocent children, no, I dont think they are at fault At All! They are just victimes of bad people out there. Either it was attracted b badthoughts around them, or just bad people hurting them. These bad people are the one with negative vibes, and they will attract other negative vibes around them.

Some bad people are enjoying life as you see it, but we don't t\know their other problems. Eg. they take corruption and get filthy rich. But then, the children may cause them more problems than ever. In spite of the luxury house(s) posh cars, they have to deal with so many other problem including womanising and shopaholic wife...(eeek ...sometime I am a shopalic!) Heheh, for example.

The lesson here, we, as an individual, must think good thoughts or do good deeds the best that we can, so we attract good vibes.

Katz, I can go forever to explain this, but if you have the time, read 'The Secret' book by Rhonda Bryne or the VCD availabe at MPH stores. I am looking forward to discuss further. We can e-mailing at

Meoww you soon!!

vijay said...

The person who stumbled upon this secret was not Rhonda.It was Dr Joseph Murphy(The Power of the Subconscious Mind),Dr.Maxtwell Maltz(Phsycho Cybernetics),Dr. Napolean Hill( 16 Fundamental laws of Success).It was the tip of the iceberg.

Rhonda has written nothing new.But the author has not acknowledged the original authors.In my opinion the author has infringed the Copyright Act and the Trade Infringement Act.In simple English,the author is an intellectual thief making $$ using other peoples discoveries.Something almost everybody does these days.


Ydiana said...

Hi again Vijay

I am definitely not aware of this, but what I can say, I am quite thankful to be learning from Rhonda. She was actually describing how her life was at a dead end at some point, but by understanding the law of attraction, she rediscover her life and happiness. I feel that she is merely sharing her life story and what makes her find success in life. At least she is sharing a well-guarded 'secret' to the world now.

Actually this Dr Maltz and Dr Hill, I'm sure, would have equal chance to share this with the world. I don't know, maybe not enough publicity or lack of marketing, that their 'discovery' if you rightly put it, never reach me. Or maybe, Rhonda learned this from someone else. Maybe Dr Maltz, nor Dr Hill, is nthe original founder after all...

Just my 2 cents! :)