Thursday, February 5, 2009

Survival Instincts

We were encountered with a suprise incident yesterday evening. A little bird fell off its nest! No, I am not kidding!

A little hairless, maybe less than a day old birdie fell into our garden compound and the juniors exclaimed excitedly..."Can we keep it, can we keep it!!!! Well, on top of the 3 cats, 2 hamsters, and a turtle, I'd say..."Why not??!" What's another cute little creature in you home.

Actually we have no choice but to keep it. The poor little thing just cannot take care of itself. Motherless, homeless, and so fragile. I'm just thankful that Minty or Honeybun were not around when the little birdie fell...

So we make a mock nest out of a recycled plastic container, and coincidently just mowed the lawn, so we have some grass hay handy. And tissue paper as blanket.

Never had birds as pet before, this is going to be a new experience. At least, until it is strong enough to fly on its own. It will chirp out loud when hungry, and once fed, it can just collapse its body and off to sleep. So funny.

Not knowing where to get worms to feed Birdie, (I knew we have lots in the garden compound, but we were not up to dig some for it), we figured that maybe rice or papaya would be a good substitute. Crush the rice using a finger with a little water, and fed to its big open beak, and birdie is easily satisfied and went back to sleep. The only small challenge is it will chirp hungrily every few minute...haha!

I really need to learn how to take a good close-ups!!

So hopefuuly, Birdie will survive this misadventure, and we all pray that it will be well and healthy soon. No one can tell for sure, just hope.

Just as we see this lovely and healthy 'indoor plant', it didn't survive past two weeks. Its a baby pandan plant, but didn't survive long enough to grow its root to last much longer. So we can never tell, can we?

Updated: 7th February 2009
Tweety, as we fondly call her, did not make it through yesterday. She had her last meal, and suddenly collapsed soon afterwards. May she rest in peace.

An unusual observation. While she was under our care, lots of birds are flying above the house at random directions, as if looking for her. We dare not place her outside due to unforeseen danger for such a fragile helpless creature. When she died, she was buried near a plant in the backyard, but not long after, her 'grave' were dug by the birds, and her remains taken away. How do we explain that???


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ydiana, thats very nice of you all to care for that poor thing, so helpless. Must be angin kuat blow it down.
Wonder what bird it is? Long ago I too picked up a baby bird. It was a Magpie....had to go catch grasshoppers (saya geli worms, ha ha) and small insects, macham orang gila Sundays crawling on all fours after grasshoppers and birds sure eat very often.

Let us know how it gets along. Ada nama? Ha ha. Lee.

Ydiana said...

Hi Lee

Sad to say, it died 2 days ago. The feathers were just about to sprout, so I cannot tell for sure what type of bird it was. But judging from the birds flocking above the house, it may be burung Tiong.

She was named 'Tweety'.

Thanks Lee.