Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday Morning Dilemma

One good friend suggested that I join her line dancing practice every monday at 10am. I am quite interested, as the one I joined (but quit...haha) was an advanced lot, I had difficulty to catch up. Actually I didn't even joined yet, but went to trial classes a few times. Moreover, it starts at 7 am....way too dark for me to get out of the house for comfort even at 6.55 am.

The practise session this friend have, is formed by a small circle of friends. So she can teach me step by step line dancing at beginner's level. Just perfect!

Its a very good form of exercise that actually uses not only your energy, but your memory, too. Believe it or not, there are so many steps to remember and each song have all the different steps that you have to memorize. One lady claimed that she lose 10 kgs just by doing line dancing for 3 months! Amazing!

However, yesterday, another good friend/neighbour invited me for a swimming lesson at her house. Oh my god, I really needed a formal training on swimming. The way I swim now is like a hippo adopted by a fish! Can stay afloat, and swim short distance, but only where I can still stand on my feet in case I panic or gets tired on the way there...haha! I did attempted to join swimming lessons twice, but then, I was phobiatic about submerging my head in the water. Now I can swim, only because I visualize that I can! And I can! But not enough to save myself if I were on Titanic and the ship sank....touch wood!

The only problem is...its also on monday morning! So, which should I go for? Its a very busy day for me too, because I also go for a tafsir and mengaji session in the afternoon!

Well. either way, obviously I won't have Monday Morning Blues....!


Eskapisminda said...

If me...I would choose line dance over swimming...activities with frens is waaaay much more fun than ensuring your back legs splashing the right strokes in the swimming pool on your own. :)

Ydiana said...

Hey Intan got a good point there!

I am still undecided! I will check out both activities before I commit. If I can work out alternate weeks, that might work very well for of both worlds..he he

Eskapisminda said...

how about pilates? a fren joined and it says its good...kinda lengthened and strengthened the body...yang tu kalau ada masa i nak join ..(masalah 'kalau' ni la yang leceh)...

Ydiana said...

Yes pilates is good. I tried before, and the best part, duk diam2 aje, tapi berpeluh macam dah lari 100 km.

So far no one offered me to attend pilates, and normally you can join this if you join the fitness center like celebrity fitness or fitness first. I don't want to commit to these centers. Kalau ada class just for that I may consider too. :)