Monday, February 2, 2009

Milk Tag

I was at the supermarket during the weekend for the weekly groceries. I've notice something before, but either I was too preoccupied with other matters, or it was insignificant enough for me to think about it. But this time, it bugged me. So I questioned, why is the powder milk packet is tagged, while most of the rest of the other things were not?

Of course, the answer is to prevent from theft, or rather, shop-lifting. Then I asked again, just the milk powder? Why? There are a lot of other more valuable things in the supermarket to shoplift. Not that I condone the act, but why milk powder? Its only between Rm10-Rm50 per packet or tin. Then it occured to me,..... oh no! Most milk powder is for infants! That means, these people steal for their child.....their hungry child! Oh my god.... suddenly I feel so teary, big lump in my throat! I still feel it as I write this post?

While we send millions to other needy world, which I fully applaud, little did I realised that there are so many other needy people right here in our country. Well, we do know that there are still some unfortunate homeless people around, but to think of their hungry children......!

By right, there shouldn't be anymore poverty in our beautiful and blessed country. But somehow, somewhere, these people are living without their basic needs, the first level of th 'Maslow Hierachy of Needs' are still not met. Where are they? Where are our funds for the needy channeled to? Where is the sincerity....?

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